Empowering Dreams Through Sports: The Malaysian Blind Sports Association

According to Abdullah et al. (2008)*, the nature of sports for people with disabilities is similar to that of sports for people without disabilities and has many benefits including improved quality of life, improved performance, strengthened mind, and development of endurance and strength. The Paralympics movement had undergone substantial global change in recent decades (Howe, 2008)^. Sports have a wonderful capacity to break through barriers, give people confidence, and promote a sense of community. The story of what it means to participate in athletics is being rewritten by a unique organisation at the centre of Malaysia’s sports scene. An organisation in Malaysia stands out for its commitment to ensuring that sports are accessible to and transformative for a certain population of people: the visually impaired. The Malaysian Blind Sports Association has paved the way for inclusion and empowerment for those with visual impairments by giving them a stage on which to overcome obstacles and pursue their aspirations. The Malaysian Blind Sports Association (MBSA) is dispelling myths about what people with visual impairments are capable of, in addition to physical restrictions.

Aiming for Inclusion

The Malaysian Blind Sports Association (MBSA) was founded with the goal of encouraging sports and physical activity among Malaysia’s blind and visually impaired population. The group puts in a lot of effort to give people who would otherwise have limited sports involvement due to vision impairments equal chances. At its foundation, MBSA is an advocate for diversity, welcoming people with vision impairments and giving them access to activities that go well beyond the realm of traditional athletics. The association promotes active engagement, developing a sense of belonging and self-worth, through a variety of activities and programs.

Strengthening Athletes 

It shows that aspirations are not constrained by one’s visual ability by providing a platform for others to dare to dream. Every success feeds a circle of inspiration for MBSA, inspiring others to follow their passions with unyielding tenacity. The MBSA is at the forefront of fostering a climate in which people with vision impairments can excel as athletes. Although athletics constitute the foundation of MBSA’s operations, the group is aware that their influence extends beyond merely physical activity. Sports participation fosters traits like discipline, grit, and teamwork that support holistic and personal development. The organisation gives its members the opportunity to realise their athletic potential by providing a wide variety of activities, including goalball, athletics, swimming, and bowling. These activities not only improve physical fitness but also foster traits like resilience, perseverance, and teamwork.

Zamrie Hasan, third in a row with the Australian Bowlers during the 12th Blind Bowls Championships 2023 in Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, won Silver for Malaysia.

Forming winners and supportive community

National and international champions who proudly represent Malaysia on the international stage are the result of the MBSA’s efforts. Their successes are a powerful testament to the association’s dedication to developing talent and offering venues for expansion. The MBSA experience goes beyond athletics, giving its members life skills that go beyond the field of play. The MBSA develops its members into winners in every area of life by fostering better communication, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence. In addition to sports, the MBSA has built a close-knit community that encourages togetherness, empathy, and understanding. Members find comfort in knowing they have a network of people who have had similar experiences and that they are not alone in their path.

The same team that won the Silver Medal last year won Bronze Medal this year World Championships in Glasgow. Tandem cycling, Malaysian Blind Sports

Advocacy and Awareness

The MBSA is not just about athletics; it also plays a significant role in promoting the rights and welfare of people who are blind or visually impaired. The organisation promotes a more inclusive society by bringing attention to the difficulties they experience and fighting for the modifications that are required. The MBSA actively promotes the rights and welfare of people who are blind or visually impaired, dispelling myths and fostering more inclusivity. The organization strives to transform people’s attitudes about visual impairments positively through campaigns, workshops, and community involvement.


The significance of the Malaysian Blind Sports Association goes far beyond the realm of athletics. It is proof of the capacity of the human spirit and the strength of perseverance. As the association develops, it will definitely motivate numerous people to pursue their goals, dismantling obstacles and excelling along the way. The mission of the MBSA is represented by its members. Their inspirational tales of overcoming adversity and commitment to their chosen sports serve as role models for others, encouraging a spirit of resiliency and persistence.

The annual meeting was chaired by the World Blind Bowls President from South Africa, Mr. Graham Ward, 7th March 2023.

In support of Malaysian Blind Sports Association (MBSA), AsiaFitnessToday.com extends their request for donation to develop Blind Sports across the country and the region.


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Text by Mohammad Hafizuddin Bin Mohammad Rosdi with photos provided by Major Krishnan Nambiar of the Malaysian Blind Sports Association (MBSA).

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