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Team AFT has compiled some of the most entertaining and educational podcasts surrounding the themes of sport, fitness & wellness right here. Enjoy listening!

AUSTRALIA / MALAYSIA: Move8 Fitness Podcast

Move8 • Move It • MoveAID is a fitness movement that advocates wellness education and action, making fitness accessible to all layers of society. Co-founders and co-hosts Nikki Yeo & Jasmine Low of bring listeners up close with everyday heroes who use their own fitness for good. What’s their secret to happiness?

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AUSTRALIA / MALAYSIA: The Kurang Manis Podcast

Meet Asia Pacific’s Sports, Fitness & Wellness personalities; from athletes, medical doctors, allied health professionals, to the fitness & wellness world. Co-hosted by AFT’s co-founders Nikki Yeo & Jasmine Low.

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Indonesia at Melbourne is a joint initiative of the Asia Institute in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne, the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (CILIS) in the Melbourne Law School, and the University of Melbourne’s Indonesia Forum. It is also generously supported by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Professor Simon Evans. We discovered great insight in these interviews by their podcast division, Talking Indonesia.

AUSTRALIA: ABC Radio’s The History Listen

The History Listen with Kirsti Melville

A tribute to Salleh Ben Joned (1941-2020): A Most Unlikely Malay (in two parts) with daughter Anna Salleh

Salleh Ben Joned is a witty, fearless and charismatic poet and writer that some have called the ‘bad boy of Malaysian literature’. He is a satirist, critic and libertarian, known for challenging taboos about race, religion, sexuality and a whole lot more. In this two-part documentary series, his eldest daughter Anna takes us on a wild ride through the life and times of her infuriating yet utterly loveable father. Learn more about Salleh in his blog.

This documentary is dedicated to Halimaton Attan, the late wife of Salleh Ben Joned and mother to Adam and Hawa Salleh.

Part One: Salleh Ben Joned
Part Two: Salleh Ben Joned

FIJI: Everyday Fijians

Talking to Everyday Fijians who live the normal life in a foreign land.

JAPAN: Deep Dive from Japan Times


Japan Times staff writer Ryusei Takahashi and host Oscar Boyd discuss the impact of Japan’s unprecedented postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021.

INDONESIA: Podkesmas (Podcast Kesehatan Masyarakat)

Podkesmas Asia Network: Empat pria dengan banyak perbedaan dalam diri mereka, dari perbedaan waktu lahir, perbedaan pasangan hidup, perbedaan saldo rekening, dan juga perbedaan popularitas. Hanya satu yang sama dari mereka, mereka yakin Podcast ini PASTI LUCU DAN BERGELIMANG TAWA!


A podcast on mental health. Ang podcast about heartbreak 💔para sa lahat.

MALAYSIA: Do More – Take Charge of Your Life

MALAYSIA: Health & Living

It’s normal to feel sore and tired after a good workout, but at what point is it not normal to continuously feel tired? If not properly addressed, fatigue can affect an athlete’s performance. To find out how to spot the signs of fatigue, what you can do about it, and if supplements help, is Dr Harjeet Singh, consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

SINGAPORE: Healthzone with Gilbert Cheah (Health)

Join health journalist Gilbert Cheah as he shares his top tips on how Singaporeans can improve their health and wellness.

SINGAPORE: ST Sports Talk (Sports)

#GameOfTwoHalves is a weekly sports podcast that is out every Tuesday hosted by Lee Yulin, Sazali Abdul Aziz, Rohit Brijnath and David Lee. Produced by The Straits Times.


Regular Drum&Bass mixes coming from DJs from Tokyo, Vladivostok, Hong Kong, Singapore and other cities of Asia-Pacific. Your DJ: Adam

THAILAND: On Fighting in Thailand

Premier Muay Thai show covering the economics and infrastructure of the sport. Hosted by Muay Thai journalist, Matt Lucas, this shows covers topics such as purse sizes, fight management, sponsorship, and career growth.

UK: ATP’s Tennis Updates

The official ATP Tennis Radio Podcast features interviews with players and coaches plus discussion based around the tour’s weekly events. Enjoy!

UK: Fight Night Boxing Podcast

The big names, the big fights, the big stories… it’s the podcast that packs a punch. Find more from

USA: Sustainable Dish Podcast (Nutrition)

Director/Producer Diane Rodgers, RD & Lauren Stine hosts The Sustainable Dish Podcast.

  • Do you want to hunt but don’t know how? Human Nature Hunting is an organization that teaches people hunting and other survival skills in an approachable way.  Bruce McGlenn, owner of Human Nature Hunting, and his partner, Sarah Long are the guests on today’s show. Bruce is a life-long hunter while prior to meeting Bruce, […]

USA: ESPN’s 30 for 30

Original audio documentaries from the makers of the acclaimed 30 for 30 film series, featuring stories from the world of sports and beyond. 30 for 30 offers captivating storytelling for sports fans and general interest listeners alike, going beyond the field to explore how sports, competition, athleticism and adventure affect our lives and our world. Sports stories like you’ve never heard before