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The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast gives a different take on health & fitness. Team AFT goes in search of personalities across Asia and the Pacific, meeting athletes, medical doctors, allied health professionals, the fitness and wellness world. Join co-hosts Nikki Yeo and Jasmine Low and bring your cuppa tea! Inspired by a delicious steamy hot Malaysian Teh Tarik made frothy by swift hand movements of a tea-pulling expert, the duo strike gold with a realisation that a typical cuppa there, is made with 8tsp of condensed milk?! Kurang manis, boss! Sugar, less please…

Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) won a Motion Picture Association APAC script-to-screen workshop consolation prize in 2019. Then, the pandemic dropped in and the documentary was put on hold. Meanwhile, a podcast was brought to life! Enjoy the first season!

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    AFT is on a mission; MISSION 2030 — to halve NCD rates in the Asia Pacific region by 2030 read about the silent pandemic… Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) is an impact project that sets out to provide educational entertainment to the general public. If you like what we do, please help to share our podcast and website on social media or with someone you know and care about so we can perpetuate ripples of awareness in the community. It begins with a whisper, a drop in the ocean and slowly, change can happen. It begins with us.


    Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) is a documentary-in-the-making and was first awarded a special prize at the 2019 Script-to-Screen Workshop Malaysia co-organised by Motion Picture Association – Asia PacificWildsnapper TV & FINAS with judges, U-Wei Bin Haji SaariStephen Jenner & Jason van Genderen and guided by filmmaker Tan Chui Mui. Co-produced by Jasmine Low & Nikki Yeo, filmmaker mentor Jules Ong, sound engineering mentor Werner Theunissen, technical engineer Rod Morri of Sydney Podcast Studios.

    The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast is created, written, produced & co-hosted by Nikki Yeo in Kuala Lumpur & Jasmine Low in Sydney – two everyday people who just want to make a change in the world starting with themselves.

    Read more about KURANG MANIS impact documentary project here.

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