Give up a Fiver for Survivors of Slavery right here in Australia!

  • Did you know that there are currently 41,000* people trapped in modern slavery in Australia?
  • Can you imagine your workplace, your school or your local club advocating for human rights and wanting to do something practical to embrace change?
  • Everyone can take action to help victims of slavery in Australia, and it starts with just a $5 donation towards The Freedom Hub’s Survivor School (Fivers for Survivors).

The Freedom Hub, an Australian registered charity announces its annual ‘Fivers for Survivors’ campaign to align with the United Nations (UN) Day Against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July 2023 in support of survivors of modern slavery.

The ‘Fivers for Survivors’ campaign has three goals:

  • to drive awareness about modern slavery and human trafficking,
  • to engage communities to look out for one another,
  • to support victims of slavery by donating $5 towards the The Freedom Hub Survivor School.

The Freedom Hub will provide free tool kits and resources to encourage schools, clubs, businesses or organisations to organise their own awareness campaigns about modern slavery and human trafficking. The tool kit contains all the necessary resources, videos, materials, and guidelines to facilitate a successful fundraising event, plus facilitates tips on effective community engagement.

Awareness campaigns can be fun and enjoyable for example wearing a silly hat for the day or hosting a walk, whichever that can engage your group or community. What’s important is the positive engagement of participants while broaching a very serious topic because their support helps get essential services to survivors, enabling them to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

Anyone who is interested to know more or contribute as a volunteer is invited to visit The Freedom Hub during the ‘Fivers for Survivors’ week from 24-31 July 2023 or arrange for a representative from the Freedom Hub to come to your school, club, business, or organisation to speak about the issues surrounding modern-day slavery for a nominal donation fee.

Sally Irwin, Founder of The Freedom Hub

Caption: Sally Irwin, Founder of The Freedom Hub (Photo credit:

Founded by social entrepreneur Sally Irwin to fill the gap in specialised long-term care for survivors of modern slavery, The Freedom Hub’s Cafe in Waterloo, Sydney and Ethical Business Services fund the organisation’s administration, meaning 100% of all donations go directly to supporting survivors.

“Once a survivor has escaped their situation, they will have to wait four to five years before their court case is heard – that’s long enough for people’s lives to be destroyed even further than what they’ve already been through. In addition, their mental and physical health usually deteriorates; they can find it impossible to trust anyone or function within society,” said Irwin.

“That’s where The Freedom Hub’s Survivor School comes in; we help them rebuild their lives to live independently and successfully. A small donation can bring impact for survivors, and that’s what ‘Fivers for Survivors’ is all about.

Together, we can make a massive difference, and everyone can be a part of it from as little as $5, and every cent goes directly to survivors,” said Irwin.

Register your event, donate, and read more about Fivers for Survivors on our website:

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