Learn about Fodmaps at the Free from Allergy Show

The Free from Allergy Show starts virtually today, Monday 12th July until 18th July live from Melbourne, VICTORIA, in Australia.

Follow the links below to sign up and learn about various topics concerning health and wellness and your diet including cooking demonstrations, Q&As, tips and tricks for living FODMAP friendly with recipes you can try cooking at home.

Each day throughout this week two new videos will be released at 10am (MEL/AEST/+11 GMT) on all things FODMAP.

Today, they’ve revealed two speakers:

Dr CK Yao- PhD, B. Nutr. & Diet. Hons.
Latest in FODMAP research and new updates in this field.

Crystal Austin – ISB and FODMAP dietitian
explains label reading, and the important tool of spotting hidden FODMAP ingredients.

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