Exercise while Staying at Home

Tips to stay active at home

Locked down at home, no worries! Try to stay active and boost your immunity with those simple exercise tips;

Stay at Home Exercise
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1- Plan your exercise program and make to-do list
2- Stay active for a minimum of 30 min per day for 5 or more days per week.
3- Remember the 4 main elements of exercise:
a. Warm up 3-5 min
b. Conditioning 15-25 min (3 days aerobics and 2 days resistance)
c. Cool down 3-5 min
d. Stretching minimum of 5 min
4- Best exercise experience is with your partner or your kids
5- With your children be creative and let them move around the house
6- Always change your exercise routine and beat the boredom
7- No equipment, no problem you can use anything available including your body weight.
8- Exercise from a chair can be fun and ideal for older adult
9- YouTube can be great source for tones of exercise varieties, remember to choose wisely

Exercise is Medicine, move while staying indoors

Text provided by Dr. Ayman Al-Bedri, Secretary-General, Society of Exercise is Medicine Malaysia. Photo credit: Steven Raj Advisory Board Member EiMM.

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