A Solution for Stress

In the wake of World Mental Health Day, on 10 October 2019, the global event will have many of us reflecting on the status of our own emotional wellbeing. As our lives become increasingly hectic, and the pressures of modern life often seem overwhelming, it’s no surprise that the levels of stress, anxiety and depression are skyrocketing. In fact, mixed anxiety and depression is now the most common mental disorder in Britain* and the World Health Organization (WHO) has cited that “if we don’t act urgently, by 2030 depression will be the leading illness globally.” 

Whilst counseling, CBT, talking therapies and of course drug interventions play an important role in helping to alleviate anxiety and depression, often these treatments simply tackle or control the symptoms of poor mental health. For many, treating the cause of these conditions is vital and that’s where the ancient practice of Ayurveda could provide a helping hand in restoring your wellbeing. 

CGH Earth Wellness, the brand behind a collection of leading luxury Ayurvedic hospitals in beautiful Kerala, India believes that the curative approach of Ayurveda could offer a solution when it comes to tackling the cause of modern-day stressors that significantly impact our mental health. 

There are three body constitution within the Ayurvedic Principles: Vata, Pitta and Kapha

In the Ayurvedic principles, the body constitution or bio-energies are classified as below, the disturbance in these results in peculiar symptoms. Poor mental wellbeing comes in three forms depending on the underlying cause of an imbalance in one or more bio-energies, therefore the treatment course is unique to each individual: 

  • Vata – stemming from the colon, vata-type is categorized by feelings of fear, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia 
  • Pitta – arising from the intestine, pitta-type is more dangerous and is associated with feelings of anger, fear of failure or losing control. This format is also vulnerable to seasonal-affective disorder 
  • Kapha – coming from the stomach and associated with a feeling of heaviness, drowsiness, weight gain and a general sluggishness. 

In all three cases, these enter the general circulation and lodge in the nervous system, interfering with its functioning. 

To counterbalance this impaired function, CGH Earth Wellness recommend Manashanthi Chikitsa – a treatment that literally means mental peace and seeks to tackle stress management with a view to relieve the ill-effects that come from the burden of mental strain, insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue, and headaches. 

The treatment course for Manashanti chikitsa follows the 3 stages: Poorvakarmapreparatory phase, Shodana – cleansing or eliminating phase and finally, Samana which is the corrective and rejuvenation phase. 

  1. Poorvakarma 

During the first stage, the body is prepared for removing toxins through Snehanam (internal and external oleation), followed by Swedanam (therapeutic sweating)

2. Shodana 

Once the body is prepared, the doctor will determine the cleansing or panchakrma treatment based on each individual’s body constitution and the root cause of their medical condition. These two stages of treatment will ensure that the imbalances in the doshas (body constitution) are stabilized

3. Samana 

The third and final stage of treatment where the body is slowly brought out of the intense cleansing and elimination stage by giving corrective medicines and moderate therapeutic treatments, appropriate diet and yoga asanas to correct and rejuvenate the body 

Every treatment at CGH Earth Wellness is personalized

Every treatment at CGH Earth is adapted and personalized to adopt a holistic healing approach tailored to each individual. According to Ayurvedic principles, treating conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression requires intervention that considers the crucial totality of our overall well- being. 

Across its various retreats, CGH Earth offers the peace and quiet you need to reset your mental wellbeing and thrive, whether you choose to revitalize your health in Kerala, the home of Ayurveda, within the stunning 200-year-old palace setting of Kalari Kovilakom, alongside the gentle caress of the Paravur backwaters at Kalari Rasayana or beside the beach waves at SwaSwara’s villas in Gokarna, near Goa. No matter which destination you choose, you can enjoy uninterrupted rest in the abode that resonates best with your inner voice.

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