Editor’s Note: Ideal Body

Everybody has their own ideal body shape that they want to achieve. Some want their body to be muscular, lean, toned and much more. There is no one ideal shape that will fit all of us.

Science has stated that there are essentially three body types: Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. The gist of each type is as follows:

Ectomorph: Lean and long, difficulty building muscles

Endomorph: Big, with a tendency to store body fat

Mesomorph: Muscular, high metabolism

I had always thought of myself as an Endomorph, and I’m not wrong. But years of doing sports I worked so hard on myself just so I could catch up with my team members. I honestly never thought I was good enough, hence the extra work. I went to the gym to build up muscles and strength. I walked almost everywhere for cardio. I didn’t run because running was already incorporated in most of the sports I did (and I really hated running at the time).

I know you’re thinking “What does this have to do with having an ideal body?” Bear with me for a little while longer.

Now, throughout my life of doing sports and gaining the flab (right after I stopped), I had the type of body where a waist did not exist. I learned to hide or fake one with my clothes. I got used to this and was not embarrassed at my lack of a waist. It was nothing to be ashamed of. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen does not have a waist and nobody cares. Look at her career!

Now, in my late 30s I was diagnosed with a disease and the doctor advised was for me to take 3 x 10 minutes walk daily. No exceptions. I was lucky I had friends who supported me and accompanied me on my walks. I began the prescribed exercises in the month of August, had surgery in September and by October I realized my body had changed.

I had more energy, could lift heavier stuff, and had a healthier mindset about food. I also noticed that my legs changed shape to the point a friend exclaimed they were “amazeballs”. Next thing I realized was when a male friend asked why I was hiding my waist. I had a waist!

I realized then that was my natural body shape. It was a stark contrast to the lean possibly Ectomorph body I was striving to achieve in my younger years. This is my ideal body shape. It had always been but I didn’t think I was built like this naturally.

I have to point out that when I decided to go back to the gym at this time, my personal trainer told me that he will train me so I will have THE ideal body. He pointed to one of the female members who was training at the time and I was shocked. There is nothing wrong with her but she was lean, packed with muscles and no hint of a waist. A musclier version of my younger self. When I told my trainer that wasn’t my goal, he told me to stop thinking so negatively and, of course, that’s the body all women want.


The Editor a few years ago. Image is from her personal collection.

That got me thinking and I’ve been asking friends about this ever since – What is your ideal body shape? Everyone has a different answer. But the reasons remain somewhat similar – to be lean, stronger, and fitter. Ok, some of my male friends said to attract girls, but I digress.


Point is to have your ideal body shape in mind and work towards it. It doesn’t matter if it’s different from your friends’ ideal. I have since been jaded about exercising but have recently starting to pick it up again. I am nowhere near my ideal body but my current body can be seen here.

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