Intermittent Fasting – Why Should You Do It

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Maybe you already know about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and are still wondering if you should try it.

Our body goes into certain processes and changes when we fast in regards to our genes, hormones and cellular repair. During the fasting state, our body utilizes stored fat as a source of energy. But what are the benefits of IF?


  1. It simplifies your day

Instead of having your breakfast in the morning, have it when you start eating for the day or dive straight into lunch if that is the case.

If you cook your own meals that means you have one less meal to prepare and think about.

  1. IF is easier than dieting

Intermittent Fasting is not a diet fad or pattern. It is a pattern of eating and therefore encourages a change in behavior. It is fairly easy to adapt once you get over the fact that you do not need to eat all the time.

  1. Helps you to lose weight

Maybe this is the reason why you would want to try IF. As you adapt to your preferred IF routine, you and your body will be able to adjust accordingly and therefore be able to burn more fat. Do note that some exercising will help you in losing weight faster and there are no magical way to lose weight as fast as you would like to.

  1. You live longer

Logically, when you are starving your body finds a way to extend your life. IF activates your body’s mechanisms to prolong your life without actually starving.

  1. Reducing inflammation

IF is able to reduce inflammation in your body, according to some studies.

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