Leave your gym. Indoor skydiving is the new workout.

AirRider is the first ever indoor skydiving in Malaysia and is now ready to thrust you into adventure. With their 12 foot (diameter) and 10-meter high flight chamber, this tunnel can accommodate two flyers at a time. The tunnel operator, who is located right next to the tunnel, will adjust the wind speeds based on each flyer’s weight and skill level. The indoor skydiving technology serves for punters at all level to flaunt their skill. The vertical wind tunnel set up a stable and super safe suspension for flyers. Worry not, for beginners the instructor will assist you in the tunnel. So, fly and show off your invisible wings!

Entrance to AirRider


The writer testing out the AirRider

Indoor skydiving is indeed fun but let’s not forget about the hidden health benefits behind this exciting adventure. My first experience of 2 minutes and 30 seconds flight was more than enough to activate my overall body muscles at once. The moment I stepped into the tunnel, I was airborne and I tried to stay in the position that the instructor had taught us beforehand: be a banana! The 250 km/h wind speeds were vigorous that it even blew my cheeks up and made me looked like a clown who had just fallen into the tunnel. Apart from the storm-like wind, the thrill was a slight floating and falling on the mesh wire trampoline floor. Hey, the adrenaline rush is good for your heart! When you fly up in the tunnel, your heart will pump harder than the time you met your first love. The overload adrenaline kick will also trigger the release of serotonin, the happy chemical, to improve your mood and live in your fantasy.



Strike A Pose!

One flyer’s motion in the tunnel is very much depending on the flyer’s position. For example, if you drop one shoulder while floating, you will spin around. While pulling off your impressive Superman pose in the tunnel, you are also burning more calories than jogging. But, I don’t think you can strike a pose while jogging isn’t it?


Indoor skydiving is the future in terms of workouts and is certainly a good exercise to activate one’s overall muscles as there is no way you can master it if you don’t muscle your way through! So, when someone says indoor skydiving is the unexpected fitness fad that burns more calories than jogging, you will have to agree to it.

AirRider @ 1 Utama offers exclusive yet affordable adventure. A variety of packages awaits you to serve your occasion. The team caters to individual, groups, corporates, schools as well as kids’ parties to enjoy the fun in the transparent tunnel. Packages starts at only RM89! It is never too late to start skydiving and make it your sport of choice with AirRider’s support.

Check out a video of Asia Fitness Today’s editor trying out the sport here.

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