Infinitus (China) Re-Accredited as a National High-Tech Enterprise of China for the Fourth Time

GUANGZHOU, China, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. (Infinitus (China)) has been accredited as 2017 National High-Tech Enterprise of China for three years since November 9, 2017. Infinitus (China) has been recognized as National High-Tech Enterprise for the fourth time along with its first accreditation in 2008.

Infinitus (China) Re-Accredited as a National High-Tech Enterprise
Infinitus (China) Re-Accredited as a National High-Tech Enterprise

The affirmation work of National High-Tech Enterprises began in 1991 to promote scientific and technological progress and enhance enterprise innovation capabilities. Since 2008, National High-Tech Enterprises have been jointly accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R.C, the Ministry of Finance of the P.R.C, and the State Administration of Taxation. The accreditation is reviewed rigorously in four areas, which are: key intellectual property rights of enterprises, transformation capacity of scientific and technical payoffs, organizational management level of R&D, and growth index of sales and assets.

During the past nine years, Infinitus (China) has been recognized as “National High-Tech Enterprise” four times on the basis of emphasis and persistence on scientific research. The company has established a unique R&D system featured by multiple scientific research platforms and the whole industry chain which supports the development of exquisite products. It also owns a number of core independent intellectual property rights and leads in the research of compound polysaccharides technology.

Currently, Infinitus (China) cooperates closely with authoritative global research institutions and universities, including University of Cambridge, Stanford University, French National Centre for Scientific Research – Paris Diderot University and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Professor Jules A. Hoffmann, the 2011 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, has been appointed as a scientific advisor of the company since 2017.

The national strategy of Healthy China boosts people’s demand for health and development of the health industry. Thereupon, consumers and regulators have proposed higher requirements for the quality of products, depending largely on the scientific research strength and innovation capacity of enterprises, which have become a footstone for enterprises to expand the market and beat the competition.

For this accreditation, Infinitus (China) said that it will continuously increase investment and improve its scientific research strength to develop and produce more high-quality Chinese herbal health products, further meet consumer needs and make a positive contribution to society.

About Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.

Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., founded in 1992 and headquartered in Guangzhou, is a member of LKK Health Products Group. The Company focuses on R&D, production, sales and services of Chinese herbal health products with over 4,700 employees.

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