People who are fit are often capable to live their lives to its fullest term. Both physical and mental fitness plays a vital role in everyone’s lives, including you!  Being physically and mentally fit in life are also less likely for you to be prone to health problems as you are already much healthier, so no hassle! Fitness is the well-being of an individual who has adequate strength to appreciate and enjoy life while staying away from weakness.  A lot of people often misunderstood the definition of fitness, thinking that fitness only relates to being physically fit. In fact, fitness also relates to a person’s mind. People must remember that a healthier mind contributes to a healthier body and this requires a change in lifestyle too. Here are some easy tips for college students and kids to lead a healthier lifestyle!


1.     Eat right

Try your best to avoid eating instant noodles and never skip breakfast, grab an energy bar or a piece of fruit at least if you’re rushing to class!

2.     Regular exercises

Lazy to jog? Then walk, or get involved in any physical fitness classes and sports programmes for some fun exercise!

3.     Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks

These types of drinks may keep you awake while burning the midnight oil to study, but they’re harmful in the long run. Instead, eat foods that are high in protein and fiber for some energy-boost!

4.     Take breaks

Students are always stress with the never-ending assignment and upcoming exams. Don’t overwork! Spend some time to relax, and do what you enjoy doing.

5.     Get enough sleep

Get at least seven to nine hours of sleep to avoid the reduction of brain function, fatigue, headaches weight loss and insomnia.




1.    Get outdoor and have fun

Instead of your kids playing video games and using the iPad at home, go enjoy some outdoor activities such as playing at the park, or cycling and swimming!

2.    Fruit juices

There are kids who just hate drinking the boring plain water, but don’t give them sweetened drinks, instead, prepare some fresh fruit juices for them!

3.    Replace sweets with fruits

Instead of snacking on junk foods, prepare some colourful fruits in a bowl and serve it creatively to your kids. Colourful and decorative foods, excites kids!





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