Right Clothes for Your Favourite Workout Activity

In addition to a healthy balanced diet, exercise is something that is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can burn body fat so that we can avoid the risk of dangerous diseases. Regular exercise should be done three times a week to keep our body fit. It’s important to feel 100% comfortable while exercising. Many factors can determine the appropriate clothing for the exercise we choose. The following are things you should consider to choose the right clothes while exercising:


Right Material

Choose a material that can breathe and absorb perspiration. Materials such as Spandex or Lotto can make your body stay comfortable during exercise.


Right Size

Choose a size that is not too tight so that the body can still move easily. Clothes that are too tight can make it difficult for us to move and increases the risk of injury. However, do not choose pants that are too loose if you want to cycle because it can cause injury if the fabric caught in a bicycle wheel.


Sports Bra for Women

Using a sports bra when exercising is essential to compress the breast well and protect it from shocks. When you want to buy a sports bra, choose materials that are comfortable and able to absorb perspiration. The right size is also very important in order to keep the breasts well supported, but did not make it feel tight.






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