Cosmic JUJU, The Social Media Platform for Mental Health & Wellness, Launches on iOS & Android

This all-new Android & iOS application promotes universal mental health and wellness practices through social engagement and sharing

ADA, Michigan, April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cosmic JUJU, the all-new mental health and wellness social media app, launches today with full public release. This launch marks the first venture into social media app promotion for Cosmic JUJU’s parent company, JOY Undiluted, LLC.

“Nearly two years ago, Kendra and I found each other with a common goal of making the world a better, happier, place. Since then, we’ve launched an article-based website, and as of today, our social media app,” said Linda Anderson, CASLC, CSLC, and Co-Founder of Cosmic JUJU & JOY Undiluted. “Our team is thrilled to be spreading positivity through our app, and beyond.”

About Cosmic JUJU:

Cosmic JUJU is a mental health and wellness app, which promotes happier and healthier practices for users of all ages and backgrounds.

Through article sharing, video streaming, and community-building efforts, Cosmic JUJU is building a safe-space for sharing, learning, and growing wherever users are at on their personal or professional development journey.

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