The famous breast disease expert in China, Dr. Du Yutang, is committed to establishing a diagnosis and treatment center for GLM in Beijing Sanfine International Hospital

BEIJING, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In April 2019, the famous breast disease expert in China, Dr. Du Yutang, and his doctor’s team officially joined Beijing Sanfine International Hospital. The partners plan to develop the diagnosis and treatment center for GLM (Granulomatous Lobular Mastitis) and post-plastic surgery center.

Professor Du Yutang has contributed his entire life to advancing clinical practice and the study of breast diseases (ICD-10-CM: N60-N65)

After working for more than 50 years in clinical practice, now – almost 80 years old – Professor Du, has diagnosed and treated tens of thousands of patients suffering from mammary diseases in China and patients from abroad. The patients warmly refer to him as, “Grandpa Du”. After his retirement, Professor Du has utilized his time for research and knowledge sharing, devoting a majority of his efforts on Periductal Mastitis (PDM) and Granulomatous Lobular Mastitis (GLM), which are difficult to detect, diagnose, and treat.

The breast disease expert - Dr. Du Yutang
The breast disease expert – Dr. Du Yutang

His resolute attitude and passion for breast disease research compounds from the patients who Dr. Du has treated over his years of experience. Dr. Du and his team are confident in their contributions to breast cancer treatments, breast complication diagnoses, and intractable breast diseases. However, what continues and has long made them deeply distressed is the suffering GLM patients endure: the repeated recurrences, sharp pain, festering, ulceration, and long-term non-healing.

GLM was first defined as a disease in 1972. At that time, it happened mainly in Egypt, Turkey, and other Mediterranean coast countries, which still hold high morbidity. Most of the symptoms were considered as cancer, but the pathology analysis showed that it is not cancer. However, although it is not fatal, it causes the pain no less than that of breast cancer. It is imperative to pay more attention to the increasing morbidity of GLM in China, which has increased exponentially over the last decade. Yet, because this disease is not well known, misdiagnosis is very common.

Professor Du’s surgical invention of ‘Smear Detection and Removal’ has successfully saved breasts and has been recognized as the most viable treatment for PDM and GLM. This has earned him renown as the foremost expert in the GLM field. Today, the number and complexity of cases treated by his team have reached the top in the breast disease field.

The cause analysis of GLMGranulomatous Lobular Mastitis

Professor Du believes that the basis for the onset of GLM is milk deposition or retention in the milk duct. That is why it is more common in the 6 years following child delivery. However, postpartum breast milk stasis after delivery is a physiological phenomenon. It is difficult to explain why there were no occurrences of GLM in China, Africa, and Russia decades ago. It is also difficult to explain the lower morbidity of GLM in Caucasians and Japanese. Therefore, there must be another cause of GLM, but it is still unknown. Etiology research is difficult to conduct for clinicians, so they have to analyze from inducements or the factors that stimulate the onset of GLM.

According to Professor Du’s analysis of 532 cases in 2018, breastfeeding disorders, blunt trauma, food contaminants and unhealthy diet habits, lactation during pregnancy, medical abortion, drug-induced granuloma (such as taking various contraceptives) and, local or systemic prolactin (PRL) elevation, are all important factors that have been observed to trigger GLM. Therefore, for GLM patients, Professor Du regularly suggests checking six sex hormones before surgery and tracking changes in PRL.

Devoting equal attention to state-of-the-art technology and top-notch patient care, Professor Du chooses Sanfine

The high probability of misdiagnosis of this kind of breast disease leads to a high frequency of mistreatment. By the time patients from all over the world find Professor Du, they have already experienced a long process of detours and thus entered the later stage of the disease, a miserable situation.

The Du YuTang Mammary Doctors Group has chosen Beijing Sanfine International Hospital, based on the consideration for characteristics of GLM, and the needs of post-op plastic surgery and psychological rehabilitation. Beijing Sanfine International Hospital is known for its patient-centered care, and its successful implementation of the International PHP Model (Physician Hospital Partnership) since its establishment three years ago. Since the beginning, Beijing Sanfine International Hospital has paid great attention to creating a series of support systems for doctors’ medical treatment, including international standard management procedures, medical quality control, impeccable equipment, comprehensive departmental services, and a patient-centered medical service environment.

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