Ping An Good Doctor Launches “One-Minute Clinic” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

-Using AI Technology to Guard Health of Teachers and Students

SHANGHAI, April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — China’s leading one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (“Ping An Good Doctor“, or the “Company”, stock code: 1833.HK) has announced that it has stationed a “One-minute Clinic” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, to safeguard the health of all teachers and students with its world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This is another new offline service scenario developed by Ping An Good Doctor following the launch of One-minute Clinics across enterprises, large communities, chain pharmacies and expressway service areas in China.

Ping An Good Doctor Launches "One-Minute Clinic" at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Ping An Good Doctor Launches “One-Minute Clinic” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

As the first unmanned clinics currently in commercial operation in China, One-minute Clinics utilize Ping An Good Doctor’s world-leading mobile healthcare and AI technology, and integrate a variety of smart medical examination devices, connecting with more than 1,000 in-house medical personals and nearly 5,000 renowned external contracted doctors. The clinics provide users with one-stop medical and healthcare services, including consultation, rehabilitation guidance, medication recommendation, and medicine. Every One-minute Clinic has more than 100 categories of common drugs, all of which are cryogenically refrigerated to ensure their quality. 

The One-minute Clinic at Shanghai Jiao Tong University provides teachers and students with an alternative option to the medical clinics on campus. AI Doctor, Ping An Good Doctor’s world leading technology, plays a key role. AI Doctor was developed by the R&D team with over 200 world-class AI experts and has accumulated more than 400 million pieces of consultation records. When patients use the consultation service in One-minute Clinics, AI Doctor acts like a real doctor and collects information on the users’ symptoms and illness history before providing a preliminary diagnostic suggestion. The experienced real doctor then joins the consultation with supplementary recommendations to ensure the accuracy of the whole consultation process.

Upon the launch, Zhao, a student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University who used the One-minute Clinic, said it is very convenient that the clinic is located inside a school building, making it easy to purchase emergency medical supplies like medical tapes. He visited the One-minute Clinic while suffering from a stomachache. After an in-depth inquiry about his symptoms, drug allergy history and other relevant information, the AI Doctor and online doctor provided relevant medical advice, and Zhao’s stomachache was quickly relieved after purchasing and taking medicines from the medicine cabinet next to the clinic.

Ping An Good Doctor spokesperson said that in response to young students and campus employees’ needs, the One-minute Clinic prescribes drugs that are relevant to the daily habits of people on the campus, such as eye drops, antidiarrheal drugs, Band-Aids and other common drugs for students, and menthol pills and pharyngitis tablets for teachers. The One-minute Clinic helps to improve the health of students and teachers, preventing diseases, which improves their work efficiency and urges students to develop a healthy lifestyle.

At present, the One-minute Clinics provide a variety of different offline service scenarios in China, covering the needs of residents, tourists, drivers, students and teachers. In the near future, it will be launched in more public areas, including shopping malls, airports, and train stations, which will complete the medical service circle in the city.

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