Pfizer actively pushes forward the development and innovation of breast cancer treatment that enhances patients’ confidence

-“Bo’ai Xin’an – Patient Benefit Management Program for breast cancer patients” was launched in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Led by the Shanghai Branch of PICC Health Insurance Co., Ltd. (PICC) and the Shanghai MediTrust Health Co., Ltd. as well as supported by Pfizer China, the “Bo’ai Xin’an – Patient Benefit Management Program for breast cancer patients” (hereinafter referred to as “Bo’ai Xin’an” project) was launced in Shanghai. To deal with the severe situation of cancer prevention and control as well as huge financial burden, the community works together to integrate commercial insurance into the payment scope of breast cancer, exploring innovative solutions to meet patients’ health needs.

Launching ceremony of "Bo'ai Xin'an – Patient Benefit Management Program for breast cancer patients"
Launching ceremony of “Bo’ai Xin’an – Patient Benefit Management Program for breast cancer patients”

The program is known that breast cancer patients who meet the qualications of the “Bo’ai Xin’an” project can obtain certain economic reimbursement by insurance payment within four months after successful application if they meet the reimbursement conditions of the program. While helping more breast cancer patients receive the standardized treatment of innovative therapies, it will also enhance their confidence in clinical treatment, alleviate the psychological pressure of patients and their families, as well as reduce possible risk of financial burden.

Estabilish the first Whole-Person Healthcare System for patients, and work together to improve long-term survival of patients

The breast cancer is the malignant tumor that most seriously threatens female health worldwide. At present, the situation of breast cancer prevention and control is extremely severe, and it also brings huge and growing financial burden for patients and their families. In recent years, the government has taken a series of measures, such as negotiating the national medical insurance catalogues, accelerating the approval of imported drug into market and zero import tariff, to reduce the expense of cancer medicines in an all-around way and to ensure the medication of cancer patients. Pfizer actively responds to the national call of ‘lowering the price of anticancer drugs’ through price reduction of its cancer products to help cancer patients alleviate medication burden.

In the field of breast cancer therapy, Pfizer is also working towards reducing burden of patients. It pioneers the Whole-Person Healthcare for Breast Cancer Patients – 4P Multidimensional Project System”, including “Patients Education Project (PEP)”, “Patient Support Project (PSP)”, “Bo’ai Xinsheng – Patient Support Project (PSP)”, and “Bo’ai Xin’an – Patient Benefit management Project (PBM)”. Focused on three major dimensions, including spreading disease awareness, improving patients experience and solving payment problem, it builds patient-centered, whole-person healthcare system benefitting breast cancer patients.

“As a leading foreign-funded pharmaceutical company in China, Pfizer has been rooted in China for 30 years, adhering to mission of ‘Working together for a healthier China‘, and is committed to introducing breakthrough treatments to the majority of cancer patients for maximum well-being.” Wu Kun, General Manager of Innovative Pharmaceutical Business at Pfizer China, said, “As one of the sub-projects of full service system for breast cancer patients, ‘Bo’ai Xin’an ‘ project reflects Pfizer’s caring for breast cancer patients and active undertaking of its corporate social duties. In the meanwhile, we hope to improve clinical treatment confidence through innovative payment methods and encourage patients to conduct standardized treatment under the guidance of doctors to achieve long-term survival and improve the quality of life.”

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Solutions to Help Health China Strategy Landing

The Healthy China 2030 Plan Outline, issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council in 2016, points out that by 2030, the health management of chronic diseases for the whole population and whole life cycle will be achieved and the overall 5-year survival rate of cancer will be increased by 15%. As the the first leading cancer incidence in Chinese female, breast cancer prevention and treatment is one of the important and feasible measures to implement Healthy China Strategy.

Pfizer actively responded to the call of government by actively introducing innovative drugs and therapy programs to promote the landing of “Healthy China 2030” Strategy in the field of breast cancer so as to ensure the long-term survival of patients. With the rapid approval for marketing of new targeted drugs for breast cancer treatment in China, Pfizer now possesses comprehensive breast cancer products line in that field, covering chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and targeted therapy drugs that offer a variety of treatment options for breast cancer.

At the same time, Pfizer actively promotes the improvement of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as disease education in China, cooperating with external professional associatioins and social organizations to carry out multidimensional and diversified activities such as “Physician Training”, breast cancer public welfare education activities, and support “Top Expert Forum on Breast Cancer Management” academic forum. It promotes the standardization of diagnosis and treatment, rationalizes drug use, enhances clinical diagnosis and public awareness of diseases and popularizes “all-around, full-cycle” breast cancer management concepts, helping patients improve living conditions and quality of life.

Christopher S Ariyan, head of the oncology field of Global Emerging Markets at Pfizer Biopharmaceutical Company, said, “As an innovative biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer continuously innovates to bring patients drugs that can improve their health significantly. We strive to explore and introduce the newest, most innovative and most valuable medical solutions to serve Chinese patients, to help Chinese patients alleviate pains and improve quality of life. Simutaneously, we want to realize the localized production of innovative products and accelerate for marketing, so that more Chinese patients can obtain high-quality and affordable medicines in time.”

For more details about the “Bo’ai Xin’an” project, please consult 400-820-1051.

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