Charkit Chemical Garners NACD Responsible Distribution Verification For Its Sixth Three-Year Cycle

Validates the Company’s Commitment to Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Performance

NORWALK, Conn., Jan. 4 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Jay Lang, Executive Vice President, Charkit Chemical Company of Norwalk, CT, a subsidiary of LBB Specialties LLC, announced that the company has successfully passed its NACD Responsible Distribution® verification for the current three – year cycle, reaffirming the company’s commitment to the health, safety, and security of its employees, communities, and the environment.

Responsible Distribution is the National Association of Chemical Distributor’s (NACD) third – party verified environmental, health, safety, and security program that allows members to demonstrate their commitment to continuous performance improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal.

“Charkit has been part of this program for many years, and we believe that responsible distribution is critically important to our industry. I am very proud of the fact that for the sixth cycle, the NACD has seen fit to validate our commitment to the responsible management and handling of chemicals,” said Mr. Lang.

The Responsible Distribution program requires on – site, third – party verification of facilities and operations against a set of guiding principles. These principles include strict adherence to relevant laws and regulations, as well as participation with the entities that are interested in creating the laws, regulations, and practices that help safeguard the community, workplace, and environment.

Participation in Responsible Distribution has significant benefits, including lower instances of safety and environmental incidents, better documentation of company policies, better communication with local communities, reduced audit time and costs, and increased credibility.

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Founded in 1982 by its President, Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Company LLC offers a wide range of high-demand products to customers in the personal care, food, flavor & fragrance, water treatment, imaging, metal treatment, nutritional, pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals markets. For companies that require customized specialty chemical solutions, Charkit also provides custom sourcing, manufacturing, technical assistance and product development services through its partners. In 2017, Charkit received an equity investment from LeBaronBrown Industries LLC and became a subsidiary of LBB Specialties LLC. With the acquisition of American International Chemical LLC (AIC) in 2018, LBB Specialties’ annual sales surpassed $200 million, further validating the company’s position as a leader in the North American specialty chemical and ingredients distribution industry.

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