Huiyihuiying’s Full-Cycle Medical AI Products Makes Their Debut at RSNA 2018

CHICAGO, Nov. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Huiyihuiying, a Chinese hi-tech company that uses big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and radiomics to help radiologists improve diagnostic efficiency and accuracy, announced on November 26 at the Radiological Society of North America’s Annual Meeting (RSNA 2018) the release of two full-cycle AI products worldwide. “Breast Cancer Artificial Intelligence Full Cycle Health Management Platform” and “AORTIST2.0 Aorta Artificial Intelligence Cloud Platform” are different from other AI products in that they extend AI from screening to treatment support and prognosis prediction.

“AORTIST2.0 Aorta Artificial Intelligence Cloud Platform” is a smart stent placement solution for type B aortic dissection, jointly developed by the Chinese PLA General Hospital and Huiyihuiying. According to Guo Wei, Director of Vascular Surgery of the Chinese PLA General Hospital, this is the first automatic segmentation method for type B aortic dissection artificial intelligence on a global scale. The other product, “Breast Cancer Artificial Intelligence Full Cycle Health Management Platform“, is dedicated to providing breast cancer artificial intelligence full-cycle medical treatment solutions, with comprehensive data of mammography, nuclear magnetic and pathology, to quantify diagnosis results. When combined with neoadjuvant chemotherapy, the platform reduces tumor clinical stage tumors, improves the rate of breast-conservation and the success rate of breast-conservation surgery. In addition, combined with radioomics, accurate prognosis prediction and personalized follow-up plans can be achieved.

“Some of the operations performed in many top hospitals are prosthetic operations, and the proportion of postoperative recurrence is high. To cure this complex disease, prognosis prediction and follow-up management are equally important. Our goal is to design a product that covers the entire medical cycle of patients, from prevention and screening, diagnosis and treatment, prognosis prediction and follow-up management. In addition to improving surgical accuracy, the AORTIST system integrates the radiomics cloud platform we developed, embedding the prognostic prediction model, which determines whether postoperatively adverse events will occur in type B dissection patients,” said Chai Xiangfei, founder and CEO of Huiyihuiying.

“In addition, our big data intelligent analysis platform based on radiomics collected more than 500 different projects from different hospitals. Currently, there is a lot of well-labeled image data, combined with massive clinical data, test data and pathological data, constructing a full data center. This is the basis for real-time artificial intelligence medical treatment,” Chai Xiangfei said.

“Patient-centric, data-driven” are the two developing concepts from Huiyihuiying that coincide with the spirit of the RSNA 2018 annual meeting. In the keynote address of “How Emerging Technology Will Empower Tomorrow’s Radiologists to Provide Better Patient Care“, the chairman of RSNA 2018, Vijay M. Rao said that the benefits of future AI and machine learning methods for radiology will be enormous, and these technologies will make radiologists’ work more efficient, allowing more time to be transferred to the patients’ care. Technological innovation will enable imaging technology to move toward “faster, safer, quantitative, precise and affordable”. With important imaging files, clinical information, genetic characteristics and risk factors on the information hub, it will greatly help patients achieve individualized treatment .

Huiyihuiying also launched a new product at RSNA: intelligent screening of tuberculosis, which can be screened via X-ray to detect whether patients have tuberculosis. In combination with CT analysis, location and shape of tuberculosis texture can be quantified. Radiologists and clinicians can make a diagnosis and treatment plan based on these features.

Previously, Huiyihuiying signed a commercial cooperation agreement with Nuance, the world’s largest professional R&D and sales company for speech recognition software, and the back supporter of Apple Siri’s voice recognition technology. The four mature AI algorithms of Huiyihuiying have been successfully launched on Nuance’s AI algorithm store platform. Huiyihuiying and Nuance attended RSNA 2018 together to further introduce the products.

Recently, Huiyihuiying’s AI products have received investment from Intel and Core Kinetic Energy. The products include lung nodule screening, bone fracture screening, chest X-ray screening, and tuberculosis screening, as well as two full-cycle products. They have been utilized in more than 800 hospitals in China, and there applications are in use in more than 50 hospitals in Japan, the United States, Kazakhstan, and Brazil.

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