MDT Innovations announces that its LINOTAG, a fabric based RFID passes Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing and Proven Suitable and in Compliance with MRI Systems

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MDT Innovations today reveals that it’s UHF RFID Linen Tags, Mi-LINOTAG 330 have been successfully tested at a world renowned magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) testing facility. The tests were conducted at Shellock R & D Services, Inc./Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing Services ( and it has validated that LINOTAG is suitable, safe and in compliance for usage under 1.5-Tesla and 3-Tesla MRI environments.

The Mi-Linotag 330 UHF RFID Linen Tags are sewn onto Linens such as uniform, blankets, kids surgical gowns, bedsheets and many more
The Mi-Linotag 330 UHF RFID Linen Tags are sewn onto Linens such as uniform, blankets, kids surgical gowns, bedsheets and many more

MDT Innovations had specifically requested samples to be subjected to an extended period of one hour exposure under 3-Tesla MR scanner and the results were satisfactory. The tests were supervised by Dr. Frank G. Shellock and LINOTAG passed both the test on the effects of worst-case MRI exposures, as well as possible MRI-related issues such as magnetic field Interactions, heating, and artifacts using its sophisticated techniques. Based on the results, Shellock R & D Services, Inc. recommended the designation of labeling to be “MR Conditional at 1.5- and 3-Tesla.” Notably, this is the one of the highest ratings that can be applied for an RFID device.

“We were impressed with the findings obtained from our tests that were applied on MDT Innovations’ LINOTAGS,” stated Dr. Frank G. Shellock, Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology and Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. “Furthermore, we were satisfied to observe the relatively small image artifact generated by this particular RFID tag. The measured maximum image artifact size of 2 millimeters under severe MRI conditions will result in little or no impact on the diagnostic use of MRI.”

LINOTAG can be used in various applications, including healthcare industry (hospital linens), hospitality industry (hotel linens), and apparel retail industry. The LINOTAG is a passive RFID Tag with 96.3% made of linen including its yarn based wireless antenna. The LINOTAG has passed the needle detector test that make it highly suitable to be embedded during garment manufacturing processes. The reading distance is approximately 11 meters (on air) and it is suitable to be used as a laundry tag with sustainable environment up to 250 degrees Celsius and 60 bar pressure.

The LINOTAG has been introduced as a part of RAPITA® Connected Healthcare Services and was recently adopted by a Malaysian private hospital. The solution manages linen inventory and lifecycle such as procurement, daily usage, laundry, and disposals. It comes with extensive reports and active-dashboard system especially on distribution of linens, issuing soiled laundry, and receiving cleaned laundry. The provisional results obtained show that the solution cut down more than 30% of linen losses for this particular hospital.

About MDT Innovations

MDT Innovations is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific. Focusing on IoT (Internet of Things) value chains ranging from intelligent wireless communications, IoT as a services, to neural network solutions, the company offers services in the key domains such as crowd movement, things management and fintech enablement. MDT Innovations is proud of its standout engineering achievements mainly the development of world smallest NFC module, MD770R; NFC in SIM card, which shrunk RF front end and antenna into the size of SIM card; and Linotag which adopted yarn-based antenna in RFID tag.

The immense excitements of IoT and Industry 4.0 mega trends has further put MDT Innovations in the spotlights. MDT Innovations’ solutions in crowd movement, work in progress automation, and smart retail solutions are based on its intelligent wireless sensor systems. These solutions are found in Fortune-500 semiconductor firm and retail chains in China, Malaysia, and Australia.

The company has been profitable since its inception in 2004. MDT Innovations has seen tremendous growth especially in export sales and has grossed more than half a billion of accumulated export sales to date. As of 2017, 98.5% of total revenues are contributed by export sales, which is an evidence that the company has made successful international presence.

MDT Innovations is a multiple Asia Pacific ICT Award winner in 2006, 2007, 2013, 2017 and it is also the winner of Best of the Best, The Prime Minister Award in 2007 and 2013. The company is also Red Herring Asia 100 and Red Herring Global 100 in 2008 awarded by Red Herring Magazine, acknowledging 100 most innovative and promising technology companies of that year. This recognition put MDT Innovations amongst past winners like Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, Qualcom, and Ebay. In 2011, MDT Innovations adds Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific in 2011 to its list of accolades and it is ranked 12th. It is also Malaysia’s fastest growing company with 3130% from 2008 to 2010. Gartner also named MDT Innovations as cool vendor in 2015 and APAC CIO Magazine rated MDT Innovations among top 25 IoT solution providers in 2018.

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