Young Century Micro Tech, Inc. Introduces New Microwave Power Equalizing Technology for Energy, Lumber, Agriculture, Medical, and Home-Appliance Markets

BERKELEY, California, Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Young Century Micro Tech, Inc. has announced the availability of its new microwave power equalizing technology (MPET), with applications in energy, lumber, agriculture, medical, and home-appliance industries. The technology’s various applications support green practices and greater energy efficiency.

The new technology produces a uniform distribution of microwave radiation, resulting in more effective use in current and new applications. MPET’s uses in the energy sector, for example, include “clean coal.” Properly dried coal burns more efficiently and produces lower levels of environmental pollutants, including sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, mercury, and carboxylic acid, thereby reducing energy costs.

In the lumber industry, MPET can achieve faster drying of lumber and more effective compression of wood. Lumber and timber has traditionally been air dried. MPET helps expedite the drying process, thereby shortening the production-sales cycle and increasing profitability. The technology also enables a more effective way to dry sawdust for companies producing compressed wood panels, which are in high demand due to the current strong housing market.

Agricultural applications include soil sterilization, which eliminates nematodes, parasites that attack root structures in crops, and faster, less energy-intensive drying of fruits and nuts.

MPET can be used by hospitals and other medical facilities for sterilizing bio waste, greatly reducing the costs of medical-waste disposal. Specialized equipment can be placed onsite at medical facilities, including as a contracted service provided by independent vendors.

The new technology also has applications in home and commercial microwave ovens, to heat food more quickly and uniformly than conventional microwave appliances. MPET produces no sparking when metal objects are exposed to microwave radiation, unlike conventional microwave-oven technology.

MPET sterilization and drying systems are eco-friendly, using no harmful chemicals or gases of any kind. The technology was developed in South Korea by Young Century Micro Tech, Inc., which is currently seeking development partners for these and other applications.

Young Century Micro Tech, Inc.

Source: Young Century Micro Tech, Inc.

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