Kinetic Step Launch First Biomechanical Exoskeleton on Indiegogo Crowdfunding Platform

MOSCOW, Oct. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Kinetic Step’s Russian military engineer has invented a biomechanical exoskeleton which provides an easy method of travelling, based on the principle of physical pendulum movement. Whilst developing KineticStep, the key task was to give individuals a chance to walk as easily and efficiently as wheel rolls. This would provide consumers with the opportunity to walk 2-3 times further than their usual walking distance, to maintain a fulfilling, active lifestyle. The Kinetic Step exoskeleton has been specially designed to enable individuals to walk great distances and carry heavy loads with almost no effort.

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Despite this, having solved the main biomechanics problem (optimised transportation of the general center of an individual’s mass), the design based on pendulum mechanism interaction also revealed a number of positive effects applicable in medicine. Kinetic Step also aims to compensate for less abled consumers’ lost functionality, to increase strength, and to expand an individual’s range of movement through the use of external frames and actuators. The ability to walk without joint stress promises the possibility of exoskeleton-efficient use in cases of knee joint injuries or diseases. Through this, it will be able to give anyone and everyone the opportunity and ability to walk with relaxed legs, without bending their knees, and maintain a healthy and active life style.

This new concept is a revolutionary one because it solves the key biomechanics problem, as seen here:

The Kinetic Step biomechanical exoskeleton’s key benefits are:

  • New Opportunities and Efficiency – It allows both able bodied and less able individuals to walk 2-3 times further, while using the same amount of energy
  • Health – It gives elderly, sick, and injured people an opportunity to keep active, and enables fit individuals to walk even further
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Care – significantly reduces the stress put on leg joints and the spinal column daily
  • Ergonomic – small size with versatile design of adaptable binding, which fits people with shoe size 5 to 13 (US), 34 to 46 (EU) and weight up to 160 kg

Kinetic Step does not use any external energy source to boost the individuals’ muscle strength. It is 40 times smaller in size and weight than other exoskeletons and its cost is 150 times lower, which makes it affordable to everyone. The project has been launched on the «Indiegogo» / crowdfunding platform, where customers can order their exoskeleton

Official website:

Contact:, +7-928-353-80-25

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