The Korea Ginseng Association announces local Korean Ginseng festivals’ schedule

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Korea Ginseng Association announced schedules of local Korean Ginseng festivals that will be held in many cities in Korea in October.

Seoul (Korean Ginseng Festival)
Seoul (Korean Ginseng Festival)

In Korea, 16 festivals celebrating the harvest season of Korean Ginseng are happening across the country, including Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Jeonbuk, and Gyeongbuk regions. The first event on the list is “The 1st Anseong World Organic Ginseng Summit” that is set to start on October 3.

These annual local Ginseng festivals provide an exciting opportunity to try out Korean Ginseng inspired recipes and foods, along with variety of programs and cultural events.

This year’s programs include harvesting Korean Ginseng, ginseng footbath, ginseng curling and many more that will surely entertain all ages and tastes.

During the festival period, locally produced Korean Ginseng will be available for sale at affordable prices as well.

Ginseng festivals has attracted many foreign tourists as well as Koreans, promoted Korean Ginseng by providing festive opportunities to demonstrate and experience the efficacy and superb quality of Korean Ginseng.

The Korea Ginseng Association’s chairman Ban-Sang-Bae said, “Korean Ginseng is already world-famous,” and added “I hope people from all around the world to become more familiar with Korean Ginseng, formerly known for its medicinal use, through tasting and experiencing Korean Ginseng at these festivals.

List of festivals starting in October in Korea:

  • Seoul (Korean Ginseng Festival)
  • Gyeonggi (Anseong World Organic Ginseng Summit, Anseong Ginseng Festival, Hwaseong Ginseng Festival, Icheon Ginseng Festival, Ganghwa Korean Ginseng Festival, Kimpo Ginseng Festival, Paju Kaesong Ginseng Festival, Kaesong Ginseng Festival)
  • Gangwon-Do (Hongcheon Luxury Ginseng and Korean Beef festival)
  • Chungcheong (Geumsan Insam Festival, Seosan Ginseng Farmers Market)
  • Chungbuk (Eumseong Ginseng Festival, Jeungpyeong Ginseng Festival)
  • Jeonbuk (Korean Red Ginseng Festival)
  • Gyeongbuk (Gyengbuk Yeongju Punggi Ginseng Festival).

Detailed information and schedules for Korea’s Korean Ginseng festival can be obtained at the Korea Ginseng Association’s website (

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