YOFOTO (China) Organized a Study Tour to Canada for Further Enterprise Development

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On September 13, YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd. organized a 7-day study tour to Canada for more than 200 of its employees. YOFOTO (China) wants to better understand the Canadian market and seek opportunities to work with local businesses via this tour.

Group photo of business heads from Sansheng (China) Co., Ltd.
Group photo of business heads from Sansheng (China) Co., Ltd.

During the tour, they visited main attractions in Calgary and Vancouver, and held a study tour seminar at UBC University to help the marketing heads comprehensively understand the history, economic development, etc. of Canada. In addition, Mr. Ye Zhan, CEO of Canada NH Resources Ltd. under YOFOTO (China), introduced a globally oriented salmon oil product researched and developed by the Canada subsidiary of YOFOTO. Made from the most valuable and rare raw materials from the Arctic Circle in Canada, the product is expected to be available before long.

As for organizing this group of more than 200 people to Canada, Assistant Chairman of YOFOTO (China), Mr. Liu Aifeng, said at the celebration dinner in Trump Hotel, Vancouver, “The reason why YOFOTO invests a lot of money, manpower and material resources in arranging overseas tours is that it hopes every staff who travels could improve themselves in the travel, expand horizons and bring thrilling, vibrant and positive energy into their career.”

YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company delving into the health industry field from a global perspective. With the aim of presenting itself as a “Chinese sample” for the global health industry, YOFOTO built a closed loop in the whole ecological chain which covers health monitoring, scientific nursing, exclusive guarantees, targeted medical treatment and healthcare for the elderly, and will provide health management services including targeted health assessment, prevention, health care, health maintenance, medical care, rehabilitation, provision for the aged and insurance to benefit consumers around the world by integrating global superior resources in the future.

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Source: YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd.

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