Infinitus Awarded China Charity Award by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs

BEIJING, Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. was honoured with a China Charity Award from the Ministry of Civil Affairs for its long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovation at the 10th China Charity Awards ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People on September 13. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Huang Shuxian, Minister of the Civil Affairs and attended by government leaders who presented awards to the winners. Mr. Huang Jianlong, Vice President of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation and Senior Vice President of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., received the award on behalf of Infinitus.

Mr. Huang Jianlong, Vice President of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation and Senior Vice President of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd, received the China Charity Award on behalf of Infinitus
Mr. Huang Jianlong, Vice President of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation and Senior Vice President of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd, received the China Charity Award on behalf of Infinitus

The China Charity Awards is the highest level of recognition from a government authority in term of philanthropy in China. It was established in 2005 and has been held for ten consecutive years. Now at its tenth session, after one-year strict selection process by the jury, 28 charitable role models, 37 firms, 16 individuals and 49 programs were granted the coveted honour. It’s the second time that Infinitus has been awarded the honour since 2006.

Si Li Ji Ren: working for the social good

Since its establishment, Infinitus has been committed to promoting the premium Chinese health regimen and nurturing healthier lives with balance, affluence and harmony. Backed by the company’s organic growth, Infinitus has put in place a unique CSR system consisting of a core value, a CSR report, a public welfare foundation, a volunteer team and a signature public welfare program.

Infinitus Happy Football Programme
Infinitus Happy Football Programme

Si Li Ji Ren describe the core values that have acted as an anchor for Infinitus since inception and serve as the firm’s leading principles and approach to CSR.

Infinitus has issued 11 reports detailing the progress of its CSR activities since 2008, giving employees an opportunity to fully understand why their work matters and helping partners increase their awareness of what Infinitus does. Infinitus’ CSR reports have been honoured with the GoldenBee CSR Report Evergreen Award for four years running.

In 2012, with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Infinitus donated RMB 20 million (approx. USD 2.9 million) to set up the privately-run Si Li Ji Ren Foundation. The foundation has since donated over RMB 76 million (approx. USD 11 million).

In 2016, Infinitus kicked off the volunteer project and set up the Infinitus Volunteers Association with a membership consisting mainly of employees and distributors. It assembled 33 volunteer teams across China. To date, the association has had more than 6,000 volunteers, organized 230 volunteer events, accumulating more than 27,000 hours of volunteer work.

Together with the Si Li Ji Ren Foundation, Infinitus has helped employees and distributors maximize their charitable contributions and explored innovative philanthropy models by holding a variety of public welfare events, including Infinitus Walking Day, Si Li Ji Ren Education Dream Support Programme and Infinitus Happy Football Programme.

The company has also continued to invest in public health, poverty alleviation, teaching assistance and disaster relief. In addition to investing in the establishment of 21 primary schools under the Infinitus name, it has held a number of public welfare events, including the Health Maintenance Promotion for Families, the Infinitus Anti-Drug Community Book Conrners, the China Lifeline Express, the Tonifying and Modulating for Youth Health Project, and the Infinitus Police Health Improvement Fund. Furthermore, Infinitus responded rapidly after natural disasters, including the Wenchuan, Yushu and Ya’an earthquakes as well as the drought in Southwest China. To date, the company has donated RMB 220 million in cash and kind.

Infinitus has partnered with stakeholders to establish alliances with the goal of expanding its CSR efforts. In November 2016, the company joined hands with the Si Li Ji Ren Foundation and the Infinitus Volunteer Association in concert with 51 suppliers to set up the Healthcare Alliance with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life among its own members and encouraging them to take part in public welfare activities. It is the first corporate volunteer alliance following the Chinese government’s issuing of the “Healthy China 2030” strategy.

In 2017, Infinitus proactively responded to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched by the United Nations, and established the action framework in four aspects of Health, People, Earth and Community, with a focus on four SDGs – Good Health and Well-Being, Partnerships for the Goals, Responsible Consumption and Production, Partnerships for the Goals, and Quality Education. It issued the Infinitus Sustainable Development Goals White Paper in June 2018, which is the first SDGs white paper in the herbal health industry in China.

Looking forward, Infinitus, based on the UN’s SDGs and CSR practices concerning Health, People, Earth and Community, plans to provide high-quality products and services while creating more value, in an effort to make its contribution to meeting the sustainable development goals. 

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