Mundipharma to Provide Access to Breakthrough Cold-Fighting Product for Adults and Children in Turkey and Canada

  • Cold Defence™ is a natural product with anti-viral effects that helps to eliminate 99% of cold and flu viruses and shorten the duration of common colds.   
  • First launched in Asia in 2017, the over-the-counter treatment is already available in more than 12 countries as part of Mundipharma’s BETADINE® range of consumer healthcare products.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Mundipharma will be introducing Cold Defence™, a new early treatment hailed as a “world-first” [i], in Turkey and Canada to help families stay healthy and fight the common cold.

Professor Ronald Eccles, who established the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University in 1988 and has been involved in over 120 clinical trials for over 30 years, said “This is one of the most exciting developments I’ve ever seen,” and described it as “safe and effective”.[ii]

Common cold and flu-like illnesses are viral infections that affects adults twice per year on average. The impact is greater for children who can typically contract them up to five to seven times per year due to their close proximity at school and play.

Clinical trials have shown that this treatment reduced duration of disease by up to two days for children, and by two days for adults, increased viral clearance and reduced severity of cold and flu-like symptoms.

Cold Defence™ is a natural product with anti-viral effects that helps reduce duration of colds in adults and children. It is delivered as a nasal spray and contains the ingredient iota-carrageenan, also called Carragelose®. It is available in adult and children’s formulations and is recommended for use at the first sign of cold and flu-like symptoms.

Several large scale clinical trials involving close to 600 adult and paediatric patients were conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the product. The analysis of children and adults suffering from virus-confirmed common cold after two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials demonstrated that it appeared as an effective treatment of common cold [iii],[iv]

Mundipharma CEO, Raman Singh, said “Every year the common cold interrupts family, school and working life, soaking up medical leave, putting pressure on productivity and colleagues and interrupting people’s daily life. As an early treatment to manage the Cold and other flu-like illnesses, Cold Defence™ can help keep families and workplaces productive and healthy.

“Providing Cold Defence™ in Canada and Turkey continues our commitment to the day-to-day wellbeing of families.”

[i] Interview about Cold Defence nasal spray with Professor Ron Eccles, Weekend Sunrise, Channel Seven Melbourne, Sunday 6th May at 8.18AM

[ii] Interview about Cold Defence nasal spray with Professor Ron Eccles, Weekend Sunrise, Channel Seven Melbourne, Sunday 6th May at 8.18AM

[iii] ‘Lessons learned from a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled study with a iota-carrageenan nasal spray as medical device in children with acute symptoms of common cold’, Tamas Fazekas, Philipp Eickhoff, Nathalie Pruckner, Georg Vollnhofer, Gustav Fischmeister, Christopher Diakos, Margit Rauch, Maria Verdianz, Andreas Zoubek, Helmut Gadner and Thomas Lion, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, The official journal of the International Society for Complementary Medicine. Published, 5 September 2012.

[iv] Koenighofer, M., et al. Carrageenan nasal spray in virus  confirmed common old: individual patient data analysis of two randomized controlled trials. Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine. 2014;9:57.

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