“Tianfu Talent Recruitment” Launched by Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone First Starts in the UK

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprises from Chengdu, organized by Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT), visited three European and American countries to recruit talents. On July 13, the third tour of “Tianfu Talent Recruitment” first started in the UK. Enterprises in fields such as electronic information, new economy and biomedicine in CDHT, will launch a series of overseas fairs for recruiting high-level talents and interact with overseas enterprises and institutions.

“Tianfu Talent Recruitment” is a large-scale milk round sponsored by the Administrative Office of CPC Working Committee of CDHT, and organized by the Party and Mass Work Department of CDHT and Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Co., Ltd. As “Tianfu Talent Recruitment” has been held for 11 consecutive years, talent service platforms have thus formed with brand characteristics, including “City Tour”, “Campus Tour” and “Overseas Tour”. It has attracted more than 50,000 professionals backflow. The first two overseas tours have drawn attention from over 770 high-end talents and reached more than 160 employment agreements.

This year, the European tour of “Tianfu Talent Recruitment” lasts from July 13 to 20, and the North American tour from September 13 to 18. Changhong, Ubisoft, ANZ, WinnerSoft, ThoughtWorks, KG, Borns, Ygomi, Corntree and other enterprises in electronic information, new economy and bio-pharmaceutical industry in CDHT travelled to numerous cities for talent recruitment, such as London in the UK, Dublin in Ireland, and later on those enterprises will travel to New York and Boston in the United States.

This year sees the third overseas tour of “Tianfu Talent Recruitment”. In terms of event arrangement, the tour this year will more cater to the needs of enterprises and focus on practice. In addition to in-depth cooperation with local talent agencies, the talent policy promotion conference and the high-level talent recruitment fair, CDHT will set up more offshore innovation and entrepreneurship bases (workstations), to build platforms for high-level overseas returnees.

In this year’s overseas tour, the business delegation will visit trading institutions and well-known enterprises such as China-Britain Business Council, Intron, Overseas Chinese Service Center in Dublin, Guinness, and IBM to establish cooperation channels between overseas enterprises and CDHT. It will also visit the prestigious universities and colleges such as King’s College and Judge Business School of Cambridge University, University of Dublin, Career Development Center of Trinity College, and Career Development Center of Harvard University to promote school-enterprise cooperation. The delegation will also go to St John’s Innovation Center, Cambridge Hub and the Entrepreneurship Center of University of Cambridge to explore the cooperation in offshore incubators and experience in the operation and management of incubators.

It is the third time for Ubisoft and Changhong to be in the delegation. They benefited a lot from the first two overseas tours.

Sangsoo Jeong, a Korean talent born in the 1980s, is well known in the game circles of Seoul for his inherent enthusiasm toward games and now serves as a technical artist of Ubisoft. He attended “Tianfu Talent Recruitment Korean Station” in 2016 and decided to make a change to his life by joining Ubisoft in Chengdu. “In Chengdu, I will get to know the technology and process for 3A-level game development.” Jeong said, “Ubisoft Chengdu is a global leader in this regard and I will never get to know it in Korea.” Currently, Jeong has a “friend circle” of his own in Chengdu. He said, “Chengdu is international. I have known many friends from abroad and we often hang out.”

Speaking of Jeong, Han Han, Recruiting Manager of Ubisoft Chengdu, seemed still elated, “You know, a ‘technical artist’ is as scarce as the ‘little panda’ in the game circles.” According to Han, as a bridge between programmers and artists, the “technical artist” has to know about programs and art. This high and medium ranking position has extremely high requirements for comprehensive ability and it is difficult to find these talents in China. “I didn’t expect to find the ‘little panda’ in Korea. We have joined the overseas tour for three consecutive years in hopes of finding more scarce talents.”

Changhong is another beneficiary of “Tianfu Talent Recruitment”. It recruited the long-awaited general manager of the North American R&D Center in 2016 and the “chief security scientist” Tang Bo and other high-end talents in 2017. According to Wang Baoli, HR of Changhong, the overseas tour may help the company find talents in high-grade, precision and advanced fields and scare ones, and is also cost-effective, especially in such popular areas as data capture and AI. “In China, these talents are rare and have requirement of high salaries. In contrast, the requirements of talents from overseas are more reasonable.”

This year, Changhong plans to recruit “Senior Research Fellow (NLP\Visual\Big Data\Healthcare)”, “Advanced IC Design Engineer”, “Technical Management Trainee”, etc., in the overseas tour and has currently established the contact with over 40 overseas candidates. Wang Baoli said, “They are appropriate with excellent quality, and we expect a greater harvest this year.”

Dr. William Levine, Co-founder and CTO of Borns Medical Robotics, one of the participants in the overseas tour, has been working in Chengdu for three years. He enjoys international reputation in optimal control theory and human-computer interaction systems. He received a doctorate of philosophy in electrical and computer engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a lifelong professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, a master in optimal control theory, a lifelong academician at IEEE and a Millennium Medal winner, and can thus live up to the title of “Golden Panda”.

Chengdu is my second hometown. Engineers of Borns are from top companies in the industry with great technical strength. We support and encourage each other for the common goal of launching surgical robots in the market as soon as possible. The happiness is ineffable.” He said that he is amazed by the speed at which the international aviation hub is being constructed in Chengdu. Direct flights from Chengdu to San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York have been launched to connect the east and west coast of the US. “The route network across the world provides great convenience for overseas talents in life and work.” Out of his love for Chengdu, Dr. William Levine decided to bring to Chengdu the “2019 Annual Conference of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)” to “arrest more attention to this beautiful city.”

In recent years, leading industries such as electronic information, new economy and biomedicine in CDHT have developed rapidly. Globally renowned companies such as Intel, GlobalFoundries and Dell have settled here. Siemens, H3C and Medtronic have successively set up R&D centers here. In Chengdu Tianfu Software Park only, there are more than 600 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including IBM, SAP, EMC and Philips, 34 of which are listed on the Fortune Global 500. Numerous enterprises and organizations are “desperate for” mid-end to high-end professionals.

To attract more overseas talents and create a globally lively zone with talents, CDHT released the “Golden Panda” talent program in April, proposing to hire top talents with high salaries, support top teams with RMB 100 million at most, introduce overseas talents in an innovative and flexible way, and provide the “one-stop” service in settlement, financing, children’s enrollment, healthcare, and government affairs. Up to now, CDHT has gathered 482,000 talents of various types, introduced six Nobel Prize winners in a flexible manner, and set up 21 offshore innovation and entrepreneurship bases in Silicon Valley in the United States, Seoul in South Korea, Frankfurt in Germany and other places.

With the highest degree of economic extroversion in Chengdu, CDHT is nurturing an international entrepreneurial environment by promoting high-level international cooperation parks such as Singapore-Sichuan Hi-tech Innovation Park and building “China-Europe Center”, the only comprehensive cooperation platform for Europe in China, and from many other perspectives. Chengdu High-tech Zone has become an international talent gathering place. In addition, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, an important base for CDHT to build an international innovation and entrepreneurship center, including foreign nationals from over 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Therefore, CDHT specially created a series of international communities, international schools, and “home for foreigners to innovate and start a business”,  to provide one-stop international services for foreign nationals in life and work.

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