Why you should stretch

There are many benefits of stretching. It helps our body become leaner and more flexible. Stretching should be incorporated as part of your exercise routine.

Stretching is good for us and there are many benefits. Stretching can help you with your flexibility and should be incorporated into your exercise routine. Whether we realise it or not, we do stretch daily although none of us will call it exercise. We do this when we wake up and it is actually good for our body.

Stretching once a week is not enough for us to reap its benefits. It is better to be done regularly but you don’t have to overdo it unless if you’re trying to become a gymnast or ballerina where flexibility is essential.

In the morning

Stretching when we wake up helps our muscles lose fluids that were pooled on our sleeping side. This could be on your back, left, right, or even on your front of body. This all depends on the type of sleeper you are.

Stretching when you wake up helps recalibrate your muscles to its usual range of motions.

Why it is important

Stretching helps keep your muscles strong, flexible and healthy. Flexibility is important so our joints can maintain its range of motions. Stretching can also avoid risks of strains, joint pains, and muscle damage.

Regular stretching can help keep your muscles lean, long and flexible.


Be aware that stretching before an exercise does more damage than good. This is because your muscles are still cold and therefore harder to stretch. Doing it after your exercise routine, when your muscles have gone through the motions, provides better results.

Just a little bit of stretching after your exercise goes a long way.

  1. Builds up circulation

Stretching improves blood circulation by increasing blood supply to your joints and muscles. This also translates to better nutrients distribution to your body.

  1. Better posture

Align your back better with lower back, chest and shoulder stretches.

  1. Muscle relaxation

Just as we would like to go to a spa or hike to relax, our muscles deserves some time out too. Stretching reduces muscular tension by delivering essential nutrients to your body (see no. 1).

  1. Stress be gone!

Stretching helps release tension in our body, therefore helps relieve or manage stress. If you’re reading this on your desk, raise your arms to the air, clasp your hands together and stretch. Move side to side if you have to. How do you feel now?


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