PureCircle Has Vastly Increased Its Capacity To Supply Reb M to the Beverage and Food Industries

Enough to Sweeten 500 Million Cases of Carbonated Soft Drinks or the Equivalent

Cost Comparable to Sugar

CHICAGO, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — PureCircle (LSE: PURE), the world’s leading producer and innovator of stevia sweeteners, announces that its recent advances in expanding capacity now enable it to supply significantly more Reb M to global beverage and food companies.  Using beverage sweetening as an equivalized example, PureCircle can now supply enough Reb M to sweeten about 500 million cases of zero-calorie carbonated soft drinks.  PureCircle continues to build production capacity, and it estimates that three years from now, it could supply enough Reb M to sweeten 1 billion cases of zero-calorie carbonated soft drinks or the equivalent in beverages and foods using Reb M as the sweetener.

Various soft drinks sweetened with PureCircle stevia
Various soft drinks sweetened with PureCircle stevia

PureCircle further estimates that, depending on amounts purchased and terms of purchase, companies buying Reb M from PureCircle will find the cost of using it to sweeten a beverage or food, equivalent to their cost of using sugar to achieve the same level of sweetening.

Reb M is the variant of stevia sweetener which has the most sugar-like taste and which is most sought after by beverage and food companies.  

Until now, a challenge has been that Reb M is present only in relatively small amounts in conventional stevia plants.  PureCircle has developed a proprietary strain of the stevia plant that it calls Starleaf ™ stevia. It contains greater amounts Reb M than conventional stevia plants. PureCircle is massively ramping up its planting of Starleaf. 

PureCircle produces Reb M both directly from the Starleaf stevia plant and from other stevia sweeteners in the plant.  In the latter case, PureCircle starts with purified stevia leaf extract with low Reb M content and by adding an enzyme, the maturation to Reb M is completed, just as the leaf does naturally.  Enzymes play a similar role in various products including baby food, cheese, other dairy products and chocolate.

The Reb M produced from the two processes are both from the stevia leaf and are identical in great taste. 

All of PureCircle’s stevia sweeteners – produced using either of the above-cited processes — are non-GMO. 

In addition, they all are “GRAS.”  “GRAS” is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration designation meaning “generally recognized as safe” by experts. 

Beverage and food companies are already using PureCircle’s Reb M in their products.  PureCircle’s expansion in production of Reb M will help companies obtain supplies of an ingredient they need, as they respond to their consumers’ desires for more zero- and low-calorie products using plant-based sweeteners.

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