TL Plastic Surgery attended the International Symposium of Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons, APS 2018

-Lecture by Dr. Yim, Joonghyuk, Director of TL Plastic Surgery of Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, May 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Yim, Joonghyuk, Director of TL Plastic Surgery of Korea, was invited as a lecturer in the Industrial Session of APS 2018, an international symposium of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons held in Grand Ballroom of COEX from Apr. 7th to Apr. 8th.

Dr. Yim, Joonghyuk, Director of TL Plastic Surgery of Korea spoke at the Industrial Session of APS 2018
Dr. Yim, Joonghyuk, Director of TL Plastic Surgery of Korea spoke at the Industrial Session of APS 2018

Dr. Yim, Joonghyuk, a specialist at TL Plastic Surgery who has been invited to countless conferences at home and abroad for lectures on the analytic data on all prosthetics launched in Korea with his outstanding morphological analysis of prosthetics through his prolonged career and extensive range of experiences, presented the characteristics of and surgical know-how for Bella Gel Micro at APS 2018.

Dr. Yim, Joonghyuk stated in his presentation that, “Selecting the size that harmonizes with your body is the fundamental consideration to be made and it is important to accurately assess the problems of the breast to solve them simultaneously. The surgical method that is most appropriate for you after having meticulously diagnosed your daily life pattern, bust size, shape of thorax and configuration of the chest, etc. is recommended.”

In particular, the “Majority of patients have asymmetry of the body that they are not aware of and, as such, it is essential to select surgical approaches and size and type of prosthetics most appropriate for the patient in accordance with the accurate analysis. Although new prosthetics, including Motiva or Bella Gel, are receiving a lot of attention recently, prosthetics that are most suitable for the patient, rather than those known to have extensive range of advantages, are the best prosthetics.”

In addition, the scar along the incision line is one of the issues that patients are most concerned about. Incisions can be made in the armpit, below the breast and mammary areola with each area having their respective advantages and disadvantages. Among these, the incision in the armpit is most preferred by the majority of patients due to the advantage of less conspicuous signs of surgery since incision line can be hidden. High-resolution endoscopic equipment is used for surgery involving incision in the armpit due to the difficulty in securing a clear view from the incision line to the location of insertion of prosthetics. It is normally recommended that highly capable specialists with an extensive range of surgical experiences perform the procedure due to the difficulties in securing the view to create the space needed and precisely deal with the key blood vessels while performing hemostasis at the same time. Although incisions via the armpit has the advantage of a less conspicuous scar, the recovery period is longer and there may be more restrictions in the use of arm in comparison to other areas. Accordingly, it is advisable to decide the incision area through consultation with a specialist. Moreover, patients are recommended to use laser and scar ointments after the surgery regardless of the incision area selected.

TL Plastic Surgery of Korea was established in 2008 in Seoul and is currently situated in Gangnam region. Dedicated specialists with abundance of clinical experiences in each of their areas of specialization are providing differentiated medial services by personally executing medical examinations and ensuing surgical procedures. TL Plastic Surgery of Korea not only has dedicated anesthetic system since mammoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, but also dedicated mammoplasty system for execution of surgical procedures with foremost priority on the safety of the patient.

Dr. Yim, Joonghyuk, a specialist in mammoplasty at TL Plastic Surgery of Korea, is a medical doctor with specialization in plastic surgery with more than 20 years of experience. He has been providing lectures on mammoplasty for sagging breast or re-surgery of breast by using prosthetics such as tear-drop and Motiva, to other medical staff not only in Korea but in other countries. Furthermore, he is helping to expose the excellence of plastic surgery procedures in Korea to other parts of the world by sharing and demonstrating various live mammoplasty techniques designed to enhance stability and accuracy by using HD endoscopic equipment.


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