GC Healthcare presents a new paradigm for stem cell therapy product for erectile dysfunction

SEOUL, South Korea, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — South Korea has presented a new paradigm for stem cell therapy. GC Healthcare and Pharmicell have extended the application of CELLGRAM, a stem cell therapy product, for acute myocardial infarction, which is approved by KFDA, to erectile dysfunction. Its stem cell products were the world’s first commercialized stem cell therapy products in 2011.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the complications that is common and hard to treat after prostate cancer surgery. It is typically caused by a damage to the cavernous nerve running along the posterolateral aspects of the prostate. Stem cells stimulate the regeneration of damaged nerves, prevent cell apoptosis in the smooth muscles in the cavernous sinus, regenerate endothelial cells and help the formation of new blood vessels.

Since the completion of the clinical trial, Pharmicell has cooperated with GC Healthcare and started its service for those who have prostate cancer and come to South Korea to get treated.

GC Healthcare is one of the family groups of South Korea’s renowned pharmaceutical company, GC Pharma, and has focused on healthcare business for over 10 years. As Chinese patients’ demand for overseas treatment has increased, GC Pharma has established an international business department to recruit customers from abroad and has provided consulting services through the WeChat official account. GG Healthcare has been favorably commented upon for its satisfying services that have been provided for international customers over many years.

GC Healthcare wechat
GC Healthcare wechat


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