A Movement in Paris

We’ve been researching the correlation between rhythm, movement and wellness, so we come across quite a lot of interesting content produced by people from all walks of life! Movement doesn’t need to fall within the traditional sense of ‘fitness’ or confined to a gym setting. We love the fact that this was shot outdoors, right in public. That freedom of movement is simply so beautiful. Enjoy!

A Movement.
Filmed on location in Paris, MMXVII

DIR. Matthew K. Firpo (MKF.tv)
PROD. Magna Carta (MagnaCarta.tv)
DOP. Todd Martin (ToddMartinFilms.com)
CO. Carlos Flores (CarlosFloresFilms.com)
S. Carol Konká “Boa Noite”
Paris, 2017

Shot on ARRI Alexa with Cooke Lenses

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