Corporate Fitness Programs

Be a fitness advocate and get your team mates engaged and inspired to get fit and healthy!

It’s always a good time to inspire change starting from within the company itself. So it’s a good time today to consider speaking to our event planners about what you need to enhance team bonding, motivation and leadership. We work closely with local and international program partners, so that we can identify solutions that work best for each unique organisation. At the end of the activity, or series of activities, you will be able to assess each individual staff, the departments and what motivates them.

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Group Training Programs:

  • AFT 100-Day Mindset Change Program. Packages start from RM99* per person.
  • AFT 30-Day Movement Program. Packages start from RM39* per person.
  • AFT 3-Days/2-Nights Outdoor Teambuilding inclusive accommodation, coach transfers and meals. Packages vary.
  • AFT 45-mins health talk + movement clinic. Packages start from RM19* per person.
  • AFT Custom Programs.

For further inquiries:

Other programs: F2F training, boot camp, weight loss competitions, cigarette cessation or just purely improving internal communication and team bonding.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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