Redleaf Forming a “miniature United Nations”

SHANGHAI, July 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Redleaf International Women’s and Children’s Hospital launched their fourth anniversary celebrations with a ceremony at 11am Sunday in the main lobby of the hospital. Redleaf babies of various nationalities came together to celebrate the birthday of those babies born in July, as well as the birthday of Redleaf. The Hospital donated an additional one million yuan to the existing Redleaf Award created by the Shanghai Association of Medical and Hygiene Development Funds, to support and reward excellent gynecologists, pediatricians and related medical professionals in Shanghai. The hospital also presented a donation of one hundred thousand yuan to Hong Kong charity, Principal Chan’s Free Tutoring, which provides free tutoring and other education assistance to children of low-income families in Hong Kong. Taiwanese musical genius, deaf pianist Hsu Che-cheng, otherwise known as Modern Day Beethoven, played and sang such songs as “Qin ai de Xiaohai”, to express the sacredness of human life and focus on children’s development. Carnival activities were held in the afternoon, and all proceeds of a garden sale were donated to the Shanghai Song Qingling Foundation.

Shanghai Redleaf International Women’s and Children’s Hospital, forming a “Miniature United Nations”
Shanghai Redleaf International Women’s and Children’s Hospital, forming a “Miniature United Nations”

As a medical institution focused on the needs of the expatriate community, Shanghai Redleaf International Women’s and Children’s Hospital has seen the birth of over 1800 infants of varying races and nationalities, resembling a miniature United Nations. The 130 medical professionals at Redleaf hail from such countries and regions as the USA, the Philippines and Taiwan, and provide Chinese and English bilingual services to Redleaf families. This has led parents of over one hundred nationalities to choose Redleaf, creating a perfect example of non-governmental diplomacy, bringing people of different backgrounds closer together.

This series of events was hosted by renowned media personality Yang Jinlin. Reflecting the spirit of the medical profession, doctors and families at Redleaf have developed strong bonds of mutual trust and support. In the case of a mother whose womb had not fully developed and whose foreign-national baby was born prematurely at only 1.810kg with extremely unstable blood sugar levels, they were able to nurse the infant back from the brink and save its life. Dr Carenia Kuan from the USA has 30 years experience as a pediatrician. Her Pediatrics and New Birth Pediatrics teams at Redleaf share a wealth of experience as well as being very international.

Redleaf also offers highly personalised post-natal service, including comprehensive infant care as well as care and support for new mothers. Flower arrangements, bookmark decoration and handcraft discussions are some of the activities that await new mothers as they enjoy their month’s rest, which is a kind of postnatal care in China. Attention to every detail ensures that new families find the feeling of a real home at Redleaf.

A lot has changed in four years as Redleaf has constantly improved and sharpened every aspect of its service, all the while adhering to its mission to lead the way in the development of the industry and provide the highest quality in medical service. Redleaf stands ready to face future growth alongside all the Redleaf families.

More about Redleaf:

Redleaf is a specialist hospital created to the global professional risk management standard DNV.GL (Det Norske Veritas), with an international team providing top-quality medical service to women and children. Gynecology, Obstetrics, Mammography, Newborn Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Children’s General Practice, Post-Natal Care, and Early Childhood Development form the core activities of Redleaf, while the addition of cosmetic and corrective procedures ensure the Redleaf is a comprehensive medical facility for new mothers and newborn infants alike. There are six LDR (labour, delivery, recovery) birthing suites, including two with water birth facilities. In addition there are a further twelve LDRP (labour, delivery, recovery, post-natal) combined birthing suites.

In terms of facility management, Redleaf leads the way in China by making use of the high-quality, paperless, international-standard management system SAP. Technological synergies and smart IT solutions ensure a better standard of service to Redleaf families.

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