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Protein – where are you getting them?

Welcome to the journey of vibrant health, where we navigate the maze of wellness with a focus on a crucial aspect often overlooked – protein. As a seasoned pharmacist and health coach with over 24 years of experience, I’ve witnessed the impact of chronic diseases, muscle wasting, and sarcopenia. It’s this wealth of experience that fuels my passion for disease prevention and the critical role that PRIORITISING PROTEIN plays in the foundation of good health. It’s so crucial that I highlighted it as one of 3 strategies for foundational health in my keynote speech at the AFT International Sports Festival. You can watch it here.

What is protein and where are you getting it?

Protein Basics: Fueling Your Body’s Engine

Protein, alongside fats and carbohydrates, is an indispensable nutrient vital for optimal health. Imagine your body as a car; fats and carbs are the fuel, but protein is the actual car itself. Beyond structural support for bones, teeth, hair, and nails, protein acts as the building block for muscles, organ tissues, blood, and more. It plays a pivotal role in various bodily functions, from regulating hormones to creating immune cells, repairing tissues, and producing essential enzymes.

Proteins – where are you getting them? – photo supplied by

The Risks of Protein Deficiency

Deficiency in protein can lead to severe consequences, with sarcopenia involving the loss of muscle mass, and the potential worst-case scenario would be losing heart muscle mass. Protein deficiency affects organs, from the developing brain to the immune system and gut mucosal function. Signs of deficiency include muscle wasting, fluid build-up, anemia, and slow growth, particularly alarming in children.

How much protein do we need?

Understanding Protein Requirements: Fueling the Body Adequately

To ensure optimal health, understanding protein requirements is crucial. The recommended minimum intake is 0.84-0.94 grams per kilogram of body weight depending on age and gender, established in 20061. However, this guideline might not account for the increased protein needs of today’s larger population, especially when relying on lower-quality protein sources like ultra-processed fast food.

Target 30 grams of protein per meal – photo supplied by

Protein helps manage appetite, food cravings, and food metabolism

Protein and Healthy Aging: The Science Behind It

Protein isn’t just about structure; it’s a multifaceted nutrient with profound effects on overall well-being. It manages appetite, food cravings, and food metabolism. When combined with regular resistance exercises, adequate dietary protein helps build and maintain lean body mass, strength, and facilitates healthy aging. Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) recommends 1.2-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram per day for healthy aging and muscle health.2


Strategies for Optimal Protein Intake: Quality Matters

When it comes to choosing protein sources, quality is paramount. Opt for unprocessed meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and dairy as your primary sources. Not only do these options provide the necessary amount of protein, but they also offer an ideal amino acid makeup and high digestibility.

In essence, prioritising protein isn’t just a dietary choice; it’s a lifestyle commitment to ensuring your body receives the essential building blocks for longevity and vitality. Remember, the fountain of vitality awaits those who prioritise protein.

Stay tuned for the upcoming articles where I’ll delve into the other two strategies that are the foundations of good health (hint – we’ll talk about hydration and sleep).

For more tips on incorporating diverse foods to increase micronutrients in your diet, visit the website here.


  1. National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Government Departmentof Health and Ageing, New Zealand Ministry of Health. Nutrient Reference Values forAustralia and New Zealand. Canberra: National Health and Medical Research Council; 2006.
  2. Noakes, M, (2018) Protein Balance: New Concepts forProtein in Weight Management; CSIRO, Australia.

This article was first published in and has been provided by Theresa Loo, specialist pharmacist, health coach, podcaster and cofounder of Pharmacist Edit.

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Protein – where are you getting them? is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Quote Source:

Hilton Research Identifies a New Generation of Asian Travelers – The ‘GenerAsian’ Traveler


  • 87% of Singaporean travelers have reported they feel proud about the rising popularity of their country of origin as a travel destination.
  • Nearly four in five (79%) Singaporean travelers are seeking to better understand their own heritage through travel.
  • Singaporeans rank exploring local and traditional food and beverage as the most important consideration when it comes to planning travel for 2024, highlighting the intrinsic connection between culture and cuisine.
  • This research comes as Hilton releases its global 2024 Trends Report, which uncovers four themes expected to be the catalysts of change and innovation for travel in 2024 and beyond.

As Hilton releases its 2024 Trends Report, the leading global hospitality company has discovered an emerging generation of Asian travelers who are pursuing travel that will enable them to better understand their identity. Dubbed as the ‘GenerAsian traveler’ are Asians who are inspired by self-discovery and have a desire for a deeper understanding of their own cultural and ancestral heritage through travel.

In a global survey conducted in collaboration with Ipsos, a resounding chorus of travelers across Asia have expressed a growing confidence for self-exploration. In Singapore, a staggering 87% of respondents reported they feel proud about the rising popularity of their country of origin as a coveted travel destination, with 92% feeling honored about the international popularity and appreciation for Asian food, design, and culture.

This shift in global taste can be attributed to globalisation1, where international audiences have better accessibility and insight into Asia through pop culture and social media. From the island city serving as the backdrop of top-grossing Hollywood films, to its restaurants receiving internationally renowned recognition, Singapore has maintained itself as one of the top travel destinations for global travelers, welcoming an estimated 2.9 million international visitors in just the first quarter of 20232.

“We’re constantly monitoring the travel preferences of different generations to create tailored experiences that cater to their unique needs and desires. Fueled by a sense of pride that Asian food, design, and culture are gaining popularity globally, we know this will hold even greater significance and interest for travelers in the upcoming year,” Ben George, senior vice president and commercial director, Asia Pacific, Hilton commented.

“In fact, our research found that 79% of Singaporean travelers are seeking to better understand their own heritage through travel, with 85% looking to learn more about other Asian cultures. We believe that the heart of a great trip is a great stay, and so we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions to ensure our guests can fully immerse themselves in both our hotels and their communities,” he added.

Access to Local, Gastronomic Experiences are a Priority for Singaporeans

Priorities differ among travelers when it comes to selecting their accommodation. For some, convenience might be key, but for others, price remains at top of mind. In line with their travel motivations, Singaporeans are more likely than travelers from other countries surveyed to book their accommodations based on access to unique local experiences. In fact, a substantial 70% of Singapore respondents indicated that they are likely to do so, compared to the 65% average across all countries surveyed in Hilton’s global study3.

When it comes to the types of experiences Singapore travelers seek during their trips, 92% of respondents unequivocally ranked exploring local and traditional food and beverage as the most important to them. A strong majority (84%) also indicated a desire to connect with the local community when they travel, and gain a deeper understanding of the local history and heritage of the destination they travel to, suggesting a reassuring desire for more authentic travel experiences4.

Food and beverage also showed as a unifying passion point across Asian respondents in Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report survey, with respondents across Singapore, China, India, and Japan all ranking culinary experiences as the top budget priority for their travel plans next year.

To ensure they are able to prioritize travel in the coming year, and true to their reputation of being avid travelers, more than two-thirds of Singaporeans (74%) are reducing spending on other areas of their life, which is considerably higher than the global average of 64%. Travelers in Singapore are also more inclined than the majority of their global counterparts to spend more on travel in 2024 than they did in 2023 (73% in Singapore versus 65% globally)5.

“At Hilton, we’ve noticed a rising interest in self-discovery and the desire for an even deeper understanding of one’s heritage, and this will be an even more important consideration for travelers in 2024. Interestingly, 74% of Singaporeans reported they will prioritize traveling in the next 12 months, supporting this notion of the GenerAsian traveler and their passion to explore,” said Alexandra Jaritz, senior vice president, Brand Management, Asia Pacific, Hilton.

“From our ongoing brand innovation and dining experiences to our world-renowned hospitality, Hilton will enable guests to completely connect and immerse themselves in the destinations they chose to travel,” she added.

Understanding Generational Differences in Global Travelers’ Expectations

These insights were commissioned as part of research for Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report, which sought to uncover the profile of the 2024 traveler, while also zooming in to understand what the desires and preferences will be for the different generations. Following a global survey of more than 10,000 travelers from nine countries, and in-depth interviews with dozens of Hilton travel experts, the report uncovers four themes expected to be the catalysts of change and innovation for travel in 2024 and beyond:

  1. Travellers Will Invest in Their Sleep: Gen Zs are the most intentional about winding down, with 21% regulating their workout routine, and 25% avoiding alcohol before bedtime. In Singapore, 31% of respondents shared they listen to music or podcasts and chose a trusted hotel brand with consistent mattress quality as their top sleep considerations.
  2. Travellers Will Value Connectivity and Personalization: 80% of global travellers surveyed said it’s important to be able to book their trip entirely online, with 86% of Millennials and 83% of Gen Zs leading the charge. In Singapore, 87% of travelers also agreed, with 91% of Millennials and Gen Zs driving these expectations.
  3. Culture and Experiences Will Drive Leisure Travel Decisions: Across generations, travellers’ top focus is on culinary (49% globally, 52% in Singapore) as well as exploration and adventure experiences (47% globally, 49% in Singapore). In Singapore, Gen Xs and Gen Zs (54% for both) are the most passionate about their dining budget plans, while Gen Zs (58%) and Millennials (50%) are carving out more budget for exploration and adventure experiences than other generations.
  4. Business Travel Trends Will Redefine Expectations: More than a third of Gen Z and Millennial business travellers say they plan to extend a business trip to enjoy leisure time before or after their work obligations, and 24% of global business travellers plan to take a friend or family member with them on a business trip next year.

Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report can be found at, and to learn more specifically about the GenerAsian traveler, go to To start planning 2024 travel, visit


Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to determine the emerging trends detailed in this report. Hilton conducted stakeholder interviews across the organization to gain perspectives on what travel looks like today and determine what is top of mind going into 2024, with business divisions including: Business Travel/Events, Food & Beverage, Wellness, Sustainability, Design, Digital Innovation and Workplace Culture. Hilton commissioned two phases of research with Ipsos, one of the largest market research and polling companies globally. First, Ipsos conducted 60 qualitative online video diaries in the U.S. between April and May 2023. Then Ipsos fielded a quantitative online survey in July 2023 among a nationally representative sample in Germany, Great Britain, Japan and the U.S. of adults under age 75. The samples in China, India, Mexico, Singapore and U.A.E. are more urban, more educated and/or more affluent than the general population. The survey results for these markets should be viewed as reflecting the views of the more “connected” segment of their population. Each country included an oversample of n=200 Gen Z to increase analytic capability for this age group. The age breakdown used is Gen Z: 18-26, Millennial: 27-44, Gen X: 45-58 and Baby Boomers: 59-77.

Photo 1: Hilton Yala Resort Photo 2: Hilton Conrad Shenzhen Signature Dish

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Hilton Research Identifies a New Generation of Asian Travellers – The ‘GenerAsian’ Traveler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Quote Source:


Port Macquarie celebrates sports inclusivity with the AFT International Sports Fitness Festival this November 4-5

Family-friendly weekend of sporting fun and fitness activities for all abilities

Port Macquarie, an idyllic coastal city in the Mid North Coast of New South Wales four-hours north of Sydney welcomes the inaugural AFT International Sports Fitness Festival on November 4 and 5 at Panthers Port Macquarie, headlined by the Kyokushin Karate Port Macquarie Dojo’s Karate Kids on the Spectrum, gold medal winning swimmer and sport inclusion advocate Matt Levy OAM (NSW) and specialist pharmacist, health coach and podcaster, Theresa Loo (QLD) and more!

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Sport Inclusion

Presented in collaboration with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, the festival promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in sports and fitness. A focus of this festival is its Sport Inclusion programmes for persons with disabilities and youth who are neurodiverse. Local Port Karate’s “Karate Kids on the Spectrum” programme which is inclusive of children who are neurodiverse will be showcasing a karate demonstration, meanwhile, the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf will have participants join in “walk virtually” along Port Macquarie’s famed coastal walk. Badminton Australia will facilitate a free demonstration, surfing enthusiasts are invited to Town Beach on Sunday morning to give it a go while swimming enthusiasts can hit the pool!

Members from the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf will join the Port Macquarie Walk-a-Hunt virtually (Photo via the Facebook of Richard Lee, at the Move8 Walk-a-Hunt in Bukit Bintang – Kuala Lumpur)
Specialist pharmacist and health coach, Theresa Loo from Queensland is helming the Keynote on Health.

All are invited to join in for the fun and games scheduled over two days:

  • A 7KM Coastal Walk-a-Hunt with a virtual reality inclusive version so others can join in virtually.
  • A Sports Expo & Health Beauty Bazaar
  • Sports Inclusion Talks (live-streamed)
  • Health Talks & Workshops (live-streamed)
  • Youth in Sports Fest
  • Eat for Good Secret Supper

In a virtual launch webinar held on 24 August 2023 at the Sydney Community Hub in Haymarket, Mayor Peta Pinson shared, “We’re known for our beautiful coastline, our wonderful hinterland and the mountains, rivers, creeks, streams, and ocean which exist in every corner of our region. These are the reasons why people choose to come and live here.

“Many of our residents live fit, healthy and active lifestyles – irrespective of age – so the AFT International Sports Fitness Festival will be an important event on our community calendar, and I look forward to it,”.

Town Green promenade at twilight by Matt Gilligan

Festival producer, Jasmine Low said, “Australia is known as a sporting nation with its beautiful outdoors, its choiciest food produce and multicultural mix. Through my own lived experiences, I have found many sporting events were intimidating and not inclusive of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children with autism or persons with disabilities. As a result, we sought out to partner with partners like Port Macquarie to enhance access to their destination whether you’re an armchair traveller or there in-person,”. Jasmine is also a carer and together with her Malaysian counterpart and fitness coach Nikki Yeo, the best friends are worlds apart and yet have come together remotely to curate a hybrid festival to connect people remotely and in-person just as they have themselves.

“Science has proven that walking even for just 30mins a day can raise your heart rate. We hope to entice those who are already fit, to use their fitness and strength for good. Neighbour, colleague or friend, walk with someone and it will change you and them,” urged Yeo, a founding board member of Exercise is Medicine Society Malaysia.

We invite all people including those from non-English speaking backgrounds to come along with their families and try out sports and fitness activities. Sport can bring everyone together, making us stronger as a cohesive community.

Fit for Good

All activities are free aside from the AFT Health Workshop (A$30 per person) and Secret Supper (A$66 per person).

Companies are invited to take up the Corporate Pledge sponsorship package which aims bring co-workers together to have fun, keep fit and work together as a team to do good plus lunch together, in support of local businesses. The festival’s ‘Fit for Good’ and ‘Eat for Good’ call benefits charity partners like All Together Now, The Koala Hospital, Port Karate Dojo and other local businesses.

In a bid to make the festival environmentally friendly, organisers invite the general public to bring their recyclables to drop into a Return and Earn bin at Panthers Port Macquarie. All proceeds from the recycling will be pooled and distributed to support karate classes for children and support the community’s favourite endangered animal, injured koalas at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie


Event title: AFT International Sports Fitness Festival @ Port Macquarie Date: November 4 & 5, 2023 Time: 7:00am – 4:00pm Venue: Panthers Port Macquarie, 1 Bay Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444 Cost: Free upon registration at Email:

#iloveportmacquarie #sportsfitnessfestival #sportsequity #diversitybyinclusion

Fact sheet

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council ( oversees the one of the fastest growing urban centres in Australia. The Local Government Area covers 34 communities spread across the coast and hinterland, in urban, suburban and rural environments. With pristine coastal and hinterland environments, world class restaurants and a vibrant community, the Port Macquarie-Hastings region is incredibly diverse, with huge opportunities for growth and development.

All Together Now ( is a Harm Prevention charity acknowledging that racism is a form of abuse, with a mission to “Educate Australians About Racism”.

Port Karate’s Karate Kids on the Spectrum (, Kyokushin Karate classes that help children and adults with Autism or ADHD to break down boundaries.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital (, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility, that has been helping rescue and rehabilitate koalas since 1973.The facility is run by Koala Conservation Australia Limited, a not-for-profit organisation that includes approximately 200 volunteers dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating koalas and conserving and restoring their natural habitats.

A Fitness Today (AFT) was founded in 2015 by two friends, a carer and her fitness coach. It has presence in Australia and Malaysia and produces digital content like videos, podcast interviews and feature articles on a wide range of topics related to sports, fitness and wellness. AFT strongly advocates for sports diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Website:

GIG: Go International Group Dotcom Pty Ltd. ( is an independent impact media production group is licensed to produce and represent the AFT International Sports Fitness and AFT Podcasts. The group is affiliated to Go International Group Dotcom Sdn Bhd. which was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been producing youth, sporting, and lifestyle events since 2005. The Move8 Walk-a-Hunt was first initiated in 2018 at the KL Car Free Morning co-organised by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Multigreen Events.

Why are we doing this?

A Fitness Today creates impact in communities by making sports and fitness more accessible to:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • newly arrived migrants and refugees
  • women and girls
  • people with a physical or mental disability.

Thank you.

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Les MILLS Lands Top International Brand Award

Kiwi fitness leader crowned one of Fast Company’s 2023 Brands That Matter, alongside leading global companies such as General Motors, Intel and NFL

Global fitness leader Les Mills has been honoured as one of 2023’s Brands That Matter by authoritative business and innovation media title Fast Company.

The prestigious annual list celebrates companies and non-profits that have built cultural relevance and impact through compelling branding and efforts that naturally extend their presence into communities.

Fast Company announced last week (3 October) its third annual Brands That Matter list, heralding brands that communicate and demonstrate brand purpose. These companies and nonprofits have built cultural relevance and impact through compelling branding and efforts that naturally extend their presence into the community.

The final list – which includes the likes of General Motors, Intel and NFL – recognises brands that give people compelling reasons to care about them, and offer inspiration for others to buy in. All have found an ability to forge an emotional connection with customers, whether leading on the environment or pop culture, engaging B2B customers, or responding meaningfully to current events.

Les Mills won plaudits from the judging panel for “breaking down barriers to entry” into the fitness space through in-club workouts, streaming platform LES MILLS+ and Virtual Reality. The company was also praised for its commitment to fostering fitness innovation and embracing CSR through its partnerships with UNICEF and Trees for the Future.

Clive Ormerod, Les Mills Group CEO, said: “Our brand is a reflection of everything we do and all we stand for in helping people live healthier, happier lives. So, to see Les Mills recognised alongside some of the world’s most iconic companies is a very proud day for everyone involved in our mission.

“We see this as a big win for all of our fitness industry partners – especially clubs and Instructors – as it proves that fitness is becoming a key pillar of pop culture and a mass mainstream movement with growing momentum.

“A strong brand pulls people towards it, creating a halo for those associated with it, so we’ll continue our efforts to grow the brand and bring us closer to our goal of a fitter planet.”

Fast Company editors judged each brand on relevancy, cultural impact, ingenuity, and business impact to compile the list.

“The scale and scope of honourees this year is incredible,” said Brendan Vaughan, Fast Company’s editor-in-chief.

“At first glance, there might not be much in common between brands like M&M’s, Dungeons & Dragons, and health tech platform WellTheory, but the thread that binds them is a commitment and purpose as a brand and relevance to their audience, whether that’s through fun, games, or healthcare.”

Click here to see the complete list. The Autumn issue of Fast Company magazine is available online now and will be on newsstands as of 10 October 2023.



Les Mills is the global leader in group training and creator of over 23 signature programs including RPM®, BODYBALANCE®, BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYSTEP® and BODYATTACK®, as well as Limited Edition Collection workouts such as LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT™ and LES MILLS SHAPES™.  Les Mills workouts are delivered by 130,000 certified Instructors in 21,000 gyms across 100 countries, as well as via the LES MILLS+ streaming platform and Virtual Reality (VR).


Les Mills Asia Pacific offers the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution to keep members connected to your club, and to reach new audiences with omni-channel fitness solutions.   For 25+ years, Les Mills Asia Pacific has been providing group fitness and team training solutions in Australia and Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Maldives, Guam, Laos and Papua New Guinea.

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Les MILLS Lands Top International Brand Award is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Quote Source:…onal-brand-award


“SEPULUH” Documentary Chronicles Safee Sali’s Illustrious Football Journey

Step into the extraordinary boots of the Malaysian football legend

Malaysian sports enthusiasts and cinema lovers are in for a treat as the highly awaited documentary series, “SEPULUH,” takes center stage.

Produced by Astro Arena in collaboration with Prime Sports International, the six-part series is set to premiere on Astro Arena (Channel 801) every Friday at 9:00 pm, starting from November 24, 2023.

The documentary, a tribute to the legendary Safee Sali, unfolds the compelling narrative of his remarkable career in Malaysian football. Through a mix of captivating storytelling, exclusive interviews with key figures in Safee’s life, and never-before-seen footage, “SEPULUH” delves into Safee’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Safee himself shared his thoughts on the series, stating, “This documentary is more than just my story; it’s proof that with hard work and determination, dreams can come true. I hope it will tell a story that will captivate everyone, not just sports fans.”

As the series navigates through the uncertainties of Safee’s early career to his pinnacle as a football superstar and national icon, viewers will be taken back to the roots of Safee’s childhood, exploring the circumstances of the football scene before his arrival and unveiling the making of the man who secured victory in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup.

Adding to the anticipation, the series is proud to announce redONE as the presenting sponsor, further elevating the production to new heights.

Farid Yunus, Chief Executive Officer of redONE Network Sdn Bhd, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “redONE is proud to be the presenting sponsor of ‘SEPULUH.’ Safee Sali’s journey is not just a story of triumph in football; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of Malaysians. We believe in the power of such narratives, and through our support, we aim to contribute to the celebration of excellence and determination. While we market our brand, one of our missions is to always be a telco company that gives back to the community and that is why redONE provides affordable and cheapest postpaid plans from as low as RM8 a month.”

Nicholas John, Astro Head of Sports, expressed his excitement about the project, saying, “At Astro Arena, we have been longtime supporters of Safee Sali and have witnessed his journey from the inception of his career. We are genuinely thrilled to have been present during significant milestones in his life. Furthermore, extending beyond the football field, Safee has seized the opportunity to diversify his horizons within the realm of sports broadcasting, serving as a football pundit on Astro Arena.”

The result is poised to become one of Malaysia’s most enthralling sports documentary series, promising a journey that transcends the boundaries of sports fandom. Don’t miss the full episodic documentary, set to air on Astro Arena as follows:

**Every Friday night at 9:00pm, only on Astro Arena (Channel 801)

Episode Date Channel
Episode 1 24 November 2023 Astro Arena (Channel 801)
Episode 2 1 December 2023
Episode 3 8 December 2023
Episode 4 15 December 2023
Episode 5 22 December 2023
Episode 6 29 December 2023

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Les Mills Asia Pacific Celebrates Major Indoor Cycling Milestone

The OG of all indoor cycling programs has turned 100 – and Les Mills Asia Pacific is marking the occasion by hosting RPM 100 celebrations, powered by 100 BODY BIKES, at Carriageworks in Sydney, on Sunday 12 November.

Locally and globally, RPM is one of the most popular workouts from pre-choreographed group fitness juggernaut Les Mills. And this November, Les Mills Asia Pacific will be celebrating a major milestone for the program, when they launch the 100* Release.

RPM® is a group indoor cycling workout where participants control the intensity. It’s fun, low impact and can burn up to 500 calories a session! Set to great music, each class takes participants on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. This program lets participants draw on the group’s energy and find rhythm in the music. Participants control their own resistance levels and speed, which enables them to increase their fitness level over time.

RPM is one of three indoor cycling programs that Les Mills offers. Over the years, it has gained a huge following, and has become a favourite among many indoor cycling enthusiasts around the world. This is largely due to its exhilarating and immersive experience, which combines energising music, choreographed routines, and a motivational Instructor who coaches participants to perform beyond perceived limits, so they can perform at their best both inside and outside the cycle studio!

RPM is considered a journey not a race, and is available as a Live and, in some clubs, Virtual, workout.

With each new Quarterly Release of RPM, participants are introduced to fresh routines and music to keep them highly engaged and motivated to return.

Ryan Hogan, Chief Executive Officer of Les Mills Asia Pacific says, “Every quarter for 25 years, we’ve released a new RPM workout for Instructors, Club Partners and members.

That’s 100 workouts’ worth of scientific research, sensational music, choreography design, and Masterclass video production (which are used by Instructors to help them learn the Quarterly Releases). Plus, every three months we’ve held Quarterly Workshops

– both In-Person and Online in recent years – to support the upskilling and education of our rockstar RPM Instructors.”

“The 100″ Release of this epic indoor cycling program is a big deal for so many people,” Ryan adds. “To mark the occasion, we’ve got Glen Ostergaard (RPM Program Director from Les Mills International), Sarah Ostergaard (Head of RPM Training at Les Mills International), and Lee Smith (one of the original RPM Trainers/Presenters for Les Mills As ori has late paris alertoreous Materiages and tmo

Adding to the excitement, and ensuring the indoor cycling experience will be premium, is the partnership between Les Mills Asia Pacific and BODY BIKE Asia Pacific.

“BODY BIKE is a leading manufacturer of indoor bikes, with an impeccable reputation for their exceptional performance, durability and quality,” says Ryan.

The partnership will see riders at the RPM 100 celebrations experience the BODY BIKE SMART®+ indoor bike.

“We’re supplying 100 forest green, ocean blue and black-coloured bikes for this event,” Tony Zonato, BODY BIKE Asia Pacific’s General Manager of Operations and Sales. “The green and blue models have our sustainable bike covers, which are made from recycled plastic, and every bike has over 50% of its weight made from recycled product, as the flywheel and crank assembly are made from recycled steel. It’s a really cool bike, and one of the most environmentally conscious on the planet!”

“In addition to its awesome sustainability factor, these bikes are also cutting-edge due to their advanced features such as real-time data tracking and seamless connectivity,” adds Tony. “These bikes always provide a smooth and authentic cycling experience, replicating the feel of riding on the open road. They’re a top-of-the-line bike, chosen by leading clubs who seek the precision and reliability that enables Instructors to lead their classes with confidence, knowing that they have the best tools at their disposal.

The BODY BIKE SMART®+ cycles are also equipped with a generator ensuring a battery-free, eco-friendly and self-sustaining workout, which is a revolutionary innovation called ‘SMART Charge’, where with every pedal stroke you create power!

“Power to recharge your mind, power to recharge your body, and power to charge your phone!” says Tony. “The power generated by the user allows for data transfer via ANT+ and Bluetooth®, and it supports SMART Charge. This means participants at RPM 100 can bring a USB cable, plug it in and when they start pedalling, if they’ve downloaded the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app from Google Play or the Appstore, they’ll be able to get their data displayed right in front of them!”

The collaboration between Les Mills and BODY BIKE for the RPM100 program filming represents a convergence of two industry leaders who share a passion for delivering exceptional fitness experiences and the mission to create a fitter planet. “Together, we are set to create an unforgettable event that celebrates the success of the RPM program, while inspiring and empowering Instructors to continue motivating their participants to reach new fitness heights,” says Tony.

“This partnership reflects a shared commitment to excellence, innovation and environmental mindfulness in the fitness industry,” Ryan adds. “And these six classes are each set to be a thrilling experience, that will bring together Les Mills Instructors and fitness enthusiasts from around Australia and Southeast Asia.”

Tickets to the RPM 100 celebrations go on sale for Les Mills Instructors at midday

(AEST) today (Tuesday 26 September) and are expected to sell out quickly. Regular tickets go on sale at midday (AEST) on Thursday 28 September.

For full details or to subscribe for updates about RPM 100 celebrations visit

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Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain, Huzhou, makes its debut offering luxurious wellness-focused retreats amidst nature

Via PRNews/GIG

New resort brings holistic well-being to the fore with comprehensive dining, wellness, and lifestyle facilities.

Dusit International, one of Thailand’s leading hotel and property development companies, represented in China by Dusit Fudu Hotels and Resorts, has continued its expansion in China with the opening of the highly anticipated Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain, Huzhou – the 11th luxury Dusit-branded property in China.

Designed to appeal to business and leisure travellers who appreciate superior levels of comfort and unique opportunities to enhance their physical and mental well-being, Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain is located at Ying Valley Resort (the east foothills of Mogan Mountain) in the heart of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai’s economically thriving region. Just a short 20-minute drive away lies Huzhou city centre, while Hangzhou can be reached in one hour and Shanghai in two hours. The high-speed railway station (Deqing) is conveniently accessible within 30 minutes.

Mogan Mountain is celebrated for its pristine, unspoiled environment and abundant tea plantations. In this lush, green landscape, the air carries a remarkable negative oxygen ion concentration, measuring approximately 60,000 ions per cubic centimetre – six times higher than the city. This abundance of pure, refreshing air is another boon for travellers seeking to enhance their well-being and rejuvenate in a serene sanctuary away from the stresses and strains of modern life.

Thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with its stunning natural surroundings, the beautiful eco-friendly Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain boasts 22 deluxe guest rooms decorated in a contemporary Thai style, plus three spacious villas with sweeping views of Lion Lake and the adjacent tea plantations. The next phase of the property development, including 100 guest rooms and nine villas, is slated to follow in stages.

Reflecting Dusit’s group-wide focus on wellness, Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain will also soon open its exclusive Devarana Wellness centre, offering a wide range of Thai-inspired massage therapies and beauty treatments. This tranquil space features a traditional Thai healing spa, hot water pools, a fitness and movement centre, an outdoor swimming pool, and dedicated spaces for mindful and energising activities such as Yoga, sound healing, and meditation.

Making the most of the resort’s natural surroundings, guests can also arrange multi-day retreats and wellness programmes supported by invigorating activities such as minigolf, bike riding to Tiger Lake, hiking to Mogan Mountain, and paddle boarding on Lion Lake.

Following the three core pillars of Devarana Wellness – Pause, Focus, and Growth – the resort also provides spaces for holistic, multisensory wellness experiences, supporting positive lifestyle changes while helping guests to disconnect and reconnect mindfully.

Embracing a farm-to-table concept and working with top local suppliers to source the finest and freshest ingredients, the resort boasts a Chinese Restaurant and an all-day dining restaurant serving local and international delicacies. Complementing this diverse culinary selection is a dedicated wellness menu thoughtfully crafted to invigorate and promote optimum health. The resort also offers ample space for conference activities, weddings, and business and social functions, with one banquet hall and a camping site.

“We are honoured and delighted to continue our expansion in China and bring our unique brand of Thai-inspired, gracious hospitality to the beautiful hills of Mogan Mountain,” said Mr Gilles Cretallaz, Chief Operating Officer, Dusit International.” As an exquisite retreat catering to discerning business and leisure travellers alike, Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain, Huzhou, offers a tranquil haven where guests can rejuvenate their bodies and minds amidst nature, indulging in a transformative experience rooted in holistic wellness.”

To celebrate its opening, Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain, Huzhou is offering a special ‘Dusit Experience’ room package starting at only CNY 1,388 (USD 189) per night for a Lake View Deluxe Room with breakfast for two, and complimentary minibar.  This offer is valid until 31 December 2023.

For more information and reservations, please visit: Dusit Thani Mogan Mountain, Huzhou

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Ageism Awareness Day This Saturday 7th October

EveryAGE Counts

Ageism Awareness Day designated on Saturday 7th October reminds all Australians of the harmful and damaging effects of stereotyping, discrimination and mistreatment directed towards older Australians.

The recognition of this day was pioneered by EveryAGE Counts which is Australia’s national campaign against ageism. Ageism Awareness Day has now been recognised around the world including by the American Society on Ageing.

EveryAGE Counts is a national coalition of organisations and individuals including the Australian Human Rights Commission, over 30 local government Councils and over 100 community based, advocacy and research organisations who are working together to tackle these issues in the Australian community.

The results of an EveryAGE Counts major national survey of over 1000 people over 50 years of age last year, revealed that 68% agreed that ageism against older people is a “serious problem in Australia” and this figure increases as people get older.

A spokesperson for the EveryAGE Counts Campaign Robert Tickner said, “ageism is not some hollow empty trendy word, and there was hard evidence that stereotyping and discrimination against older people was damaging to the health and well-being of older Australians in many areas”.

“It often starts when people, in their earlier fifties, are denied jobs or promotions. Later on in life it is often a root cause and contributor to elder abuse and the mistreatment in aged care exposed by the Aged Care Royal Commission”, Mr Tickner said.

“The statistics on unemployment of people over 50 are very revealing. 20 years ago 1 in 20 people who were unemployed were between 50 and 65 but now that figure has doubled to 1 in 10, and worse, these people make up a much larger group among the long term unemployed”.

“All of us, if we live into our fifties or older will be impacted by ageism and that is one of the reasons we support intergenerational solidarity. Older Australians like the rest of the community want to be treated as individuals and not treated differently simply because they are older.”

“There are so many false assumptions about older people which strip them of their agency and right to control their own lives, as our survey also revealed. Things like false assumptions about the inevitability of dementia as we age, lack of capacity of older people in the workforce when many want to, and are capable of, working, and false assumptions about needing help when many want to be self-reliant. Too often older people are talked down to in the community and in health care which further strips them of their autonomy and dignity.”

“Sure some older people may need support but the bottom line is that it is best to see older people as individuals and not make generalised assumptions or gratuitous, thoughtless and offensive jokes about their age.”

“Our EveryAGE Counts website ( ) features a fabulous publication called “The Real Old” which I encourage people to read. It is a myth busting publication blowing false stereotypes about ageing out of the water,” Mr Tickner said.

“These issues cross party lines and EveryAGE Counts has received support from Ministers responsible for Ageing on both sides of the political fence and we want to keep it that way. These issues are above politics. These issues are about all of us. We are all getting older”.

“The World Health Organisation has found that ageism can be damaging to the health and well-being of older people and can reduce life span by up to 7.5 years as people become disrespected, devalued and robbed of their humanity.”

“We also want to see an Australia where people of different ages are not falsely pitted against each other but where people of all ages are valued and respected. That is another reason we stand for building bridges across the generations”.

Mr Tickner said, “As the Australian population ages these issues are going to become increasingly critical to address and that is why the EveryAGE Counts Campaign believes that there is a need for a national public awareness and education campaign around ageism and its impacts and we are seeking resources to conduct this campaign.”

“Australian politicians from all parties have united to make Age Discrimination illegal in every State and Territory but such discrimination remains rampant as surveys reveal.“

“The challenge is now to change what is in people’s hearts and minds and educate people that age discrimination and exclusion harms us all and diminishes our society.

We can be a world leader in the work of tackling ageism and enhancing the quality of life of people growing older in Australia”, Mr Tickner said.

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3,2,1… Go! The 2023 Fai World drone racing Championship in Korea starts this Friday

The city of Namwon in the Republic of Korea is buzzing with excitement as the world’s best drone racing pilots have arrived to compete in the 2023 FAI World Drone Racing Championship (WDRC), part of the World Drone Festa.

Renowned as the biggest competition of its kind, a total of 115 competitors are registered for the Championship. They will battle it out in Namwon’s Sports Town complex, Jeollabuk-do from 6-9 October 2023, in an exhilarating high-speed drone race, with cash prizes up for grabs.

The challenging track twists and turns around ramps, tunnels, hoops, straights and a cube feature, and has been designed to test the skills of the pilots over an optimised trajectory of 725m.

Drone racing tends to attract highly focused younger pilots. In total there will be 40 juniors competing, as well as 65 seniors, with ages ranging from nine years old to 47.

Twelve female pilots will participate, including Thailand’s Wanraya Wannapong who won the female champion title in both previous editions of the WDRC in 2018 and 2019.

France’s Killian Rousseau is currently top of the World Cup Ranking, followed by Pawel Laszczak of Poland and Roland Ronto from Hungary.

There are 29 national teams plus six wild card individual competitors registered, and pilots are travelling from as far afield as Finland, Israel, South Africa, the USA and a number of Asian countries.

Prize money is on offer for the top four pilots in Individual, Female and Junior categories, plus the top six Nations. The best individual will win 15,000,000 South Korean won (just over 11,000 US dollars).

This is the third edition of the 2023 FAI World Drone Racing Championship. Previous events were held in 2018 and 2019 and this is the championship’s hotly anticipated return after the pandemic.



  • 2023 FAI e-Drone Racing Cup – Part 1 (8 races) and Opening Ceremony


  • 2023 FAI e-Drone Racing Cup – Final (7 races)
  • WDRC Qualifying rounds 1-3 (24 races each)


  • WDRC Additional and Elimination rounds


  • WDRC Elimination rounds, Juniors Final, Women’s Final, Overall Final
  • Medals & Closing Ceremony


FAI Air Sports Channel

  • 11:30-21:10 (KST), October 7, 2023
  • 08:30-20:20 (KST), October 8, 2023
  • 09:00-14:00 (KST), October 9, 2023


Not only will spectators see the elite of the drone racing world race around the obstacles at high speeds, but they will also be part of the World Drone Festa, which includes the final of the 2023 FAI e-Drone Racing Cup in which 32 pilots will compete for cash prizes. This is the first ever race of its kind, and will be livestreamed on the FAI Air Sports Youtube Channel:  13:30-15:30 (KST), October 6, 2023 09:00-11:00 (KST), October 7, 2023


Drone Soccer originates from Korea, and visitors to the World Drone Festa will also be able to watch the Korean FAI Drone Soccer Open International Cup, which will feature 70 competitors in two categories. Live Streaming: Korea Aero Models Association Channel: 10:00-17:00 (KST), October 7, 2023, 10:00-18:00 (KST), October 8, 2023, 10:00-16:00 (KST), October 9, 2023.

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Lauren Bates of Australia wins first medal of Trinbago 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games

Via PRNews

The highly anticipated Commonwealth Youth Games kicked off with Lauren Bates of Australia winning the first gold medal of the Games in the Women’s Cycling – Time Trial. Hosted at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy, the energy-sapping race saw Bates scorch around the 10km course in 14:09.31, with compatriot, Keira Will, taking silver and Ruby Oakes of Isle of Man the bronze medal. “It’s amazing. It’s insane. I’m so stoked to come away with a medal and seeing all the other nations here as well, it’s so cool. Learning all the cultures, it’s such a good experience,” said Bates.

Miles Bailey Liebenberg, from South Africa just pipped Scotland’s Elliot Rowe to the men’s title, winning by 3.39s in a time of 19:17.62 over the 15km course.

“I made sure to pace myself. It was really hot, so I kept myself and my core temperature cool and from then I didn’t know what to expect, just pace myself and I’m happy to take the win,” said Liebenberg.

Australia claimed another medal on a successful day for their team, with Will Heath picking up the bronze medal.

Young athletes from 68 Commonwealth Nations and Territories have gathered across the twin islands to showcase their talent and sportsmanship. A stepping stone for future sporting champions, the Youth Games provides a platform for talented youth athletes aged 14 to 18 to test their skills and abilities on an international stage.

This year’s edition promises to be one of the most exciting and memorable, in the Games’ history, with seven sports being contested – Aquatics (Swimming), Athletics and Para Athletics, Cycling (Road and Track), Triathlon, FAST5 Netball, Rugby Sevens, and Beach Volleyball.

Over in Tobago, the beautiful beach of Black Rock hosted the start of the Beach Volleyball competition where defending women’s champions Australia and men’s champions England kicked off their title defences.

Rwanda, who won their first-ever medal at a Games and Youth Games, when they secured bronze in the Women’s Beach Volleyball in 2017, were also in action on Day One.

CGF CEO, Katie Sadleir, commented: “After last night’s dazzling Opening Ceremony, it was fantastic to see the Sport Programme get underway today, with the Cycling Individual Time Trial and the beginning of the Beach Volleyball competition at the stunning Black Rock. We are immensely proud of all who took part today and especially Lauren Bates and Miles Bailey Liebenberg for winning the first gold medals of Trinbago 2023.” As the opening day concludes, the focus now shifts to Day Two, where the excitement continues with the start of the Swimming, Triathlon and Rugby Sevens, as well as the continuation of the Beach Volleyball.

For more information and updates visit: and follow their social posts #trinbago2023

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