The Silent Enemy: Fight Joint Injuries Together

Kordel’s has been the main sponsor for Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM) for 11 years running and they have recently collaborated with local sports associations, both professional and amateur athletes as well as Sports Medicine Specialist at University of Malaya Medical Centre, Dr. Muhammad Rahmani Jaffar to raise awareness on the threats of silent joint injuries and how to reduce the risks and take preventive measures. 

The purpose of this collaboration is to educate the public on the rising epidemic of arthritis, and the types of joint nutrition they could take early on before it seriously impacts a person’s health and lifestyle. 

This partnership came shortly after the appointment of Dr. Benjamin Cheah as the new President of the new Arthritis Foundation Malaysia for the period of 2019 till 2021. With over 23 years of experience in the medical field, he is also a Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist in Pantai Hospital and Consultant Rheumatologist in Parkcity Medical Centre and IMU Healthcare. 

According to Dr. Benjamin, although joint ailments can affect everyone from every walk of life, it is not clear exactly what causes osteoarthritis as age, weight (obesity factor), past injuries, family history as well as bone deformities are all part contributory to the onset of osteoarthritis. 

While it is commonly associated with the elderly, athletes and younger adults can also be afflicted with this degenerative disease. When osteoarthritis strikes, the cushioning material (cartilage) that covers the ends of the bones breaks down. Symptoms can include pain, stiffness, crunching or grating sounds (when the joint is flexed), swelling and loss of flexibility. When cartilage wears away completely, the bones rub against each other, which can be even more painful and debilitating. 


Research has suggested that athletes and sports professionals are more prone to osteoarthritis than the general population. “Athletes constantly push their bodies to the limit, therefore serious wear and tear is bound to occur,” continues Dr. Benjamin. 

“In my younger days, I injured both my knees while doing sports and I’ve endured pain ever since. We shouldn’t wait too long to take action as we can prevent further damage with the right nutrition and practice,” shares Mike Mahen, Mr World Champion 2016 -2018. 

“Many patients as young as in their 20s to 40s suffer from painful arthritic conditions. Education and awareness on how to recognise the symptoms are as important as taking preventive steps,” weighs in Dr. Muhammad Rahmani. 

Backed by the latest research on nutritional healing and disease prevention, Kordel’s has introduced Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia in their Joint Care range. It is formulated with a blend of hydrolysed water-soluble eggshell membrane, and added with Boswellia an extract which contains boswellic acids. This daily joint nutrition supplement has a Triple Actions Formula that can help to (1) repairs and protects Tendon and Ligament, (2) repairs and protects cartilage and joints, and (3) anti-inflammation thus helping in joints recovery early at the early stage. 

“Should anyone sense any discomfort in moving or stretching, it could be a symptom of early osteoarthritis, especially those who are above the age of 30 or those who does a lot of strenuous activities. Prevention is always better than cure,” mentions Mr. Zid, brand manager for Kordel’s. 

Kordel’s Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia contains 2 unique patented ingredients which are the patented Biovaflex from eggshell membrane that provide 6 bioactives ingredients to nourish and regenerate joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, while the patented Boswellin is an extract from the Boswellia plant that acts as a natural analgesic to stop inflammation fast and effective without side effects. 

As part of their corporate social responsibility efforts, Kordel’s will be having their annual Family Charity Walk on the 8th September at Padang Merbok, Jalan Parlimen in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This 7km walkathon is a charity drive to increase public awareness on joint health and raise funds for Arthritis Foundation Malaysia. 

For more information, please check out at Facebook “2019 Kordel’s Family Charity Walk

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